air duct penetrating garage wall

I leave in Florida. Need to condition a room nd the only practical way is to run a duct from the garage wall (separating the living room) to the room in question. I know that that wall is a fire wall and need protection. But can the Florida Mechanical Code allow for a duct to run thru the garage?

Jerry Gilles

Approved material and sealing , Depends on local code enforcement . should be some Fl boys along shortly

As Wayne said or box the duct in and remove all doubt.

Installing a fire damper would be even cheaper. :slight_smile:

You would need two.

Thank you, guys. But I am waiting for some input from Florida.


Call a reputable local HVAC company to do the work, and file for permits to make sure you are meeting the applicable local codes and safety requirements. Anything else is basically just a guess at what your local requirements are and the propper way to complete the work.



I hope you agree.

Of course I do for krist sake. That was an assummed statement that if you have on on the entrance, you have one on the exit.:slight_smile:

But one will be lucky to find a 26 gauge duct if at all. I am lucky to find drywall separations up here. Only on new construction do I see it.
I would also like to see a smoke activated damper if that were used anyways.
Doubt if I will ever see one.

I thought you did. :smiley:

Would it still be cheaper than boxing it in with sheetrock?

I suppose it depends on who does the work.:wink:

Considering the duct insulation, the framing, drywall, fire taping. Yes cheaper to have a damper activated by a heat detector since the smoke detector would not work due to car exhaust. :slight_smile:

Good info, thanks Marcel.!B)(TO8w!2k~$(KGrHqR,!jIEv1+0L,!yBMNKnjvoGQ~~_12.JPG

Buy one like this for $100:)

You can get more sofisticated by having one with a heat detector tied in with the rest of the house system, heat detector in garage would activate it.

Hey Marcel , do they still use the heat links anymore?

I see them on fire curtains in commercial applications.

Yeah , I was wondering if they allowed them residential

Still used today. Don’t know why they would not allow it. They are usually 165 degree links.

The commercial ones are usually control units with built in heat or smoke detectors that control them. Those are big money. :slight_smile:

The meltable heat links are simple system that is still in use.

No control or alarm hardware needed.

Exactly, simple, inexpensive, and effective. :slight_smile: