HVAC guy says its okay

Inspection for Seller. The seller’s son is an HVAC Contractor, and put this in a year and a half ago. It’s the vent for the High Efficiency furnace. He says it’s okay, and code. I say it may adhere to code, but will draw moisture into the condensing unit, and should be raised above it, or farther away.

What do you guys say?

looks good from High Springs Florida

You mean like when it rains? :slight_smile:

Ten dollars worth of pvc will take care the problem.

yeah, but we don’t get the sideways rain here in WV!

I mean like the condensor sucking that fuel burning furnace vented air through the lower grills, and getting corrosion, both from moisture and whatever other contaminants may be spewing outta there!

I don’t know how you guys hook up your A/C and furnace out there but I personally can not turn both on at the same time.

The furnace running when the AC is? If it were a water heater vent, it’d be a different story.

“Termination should be positioned where vent vapors will not damage plants or shrubs or* air conditioning equipment*.”

http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/65/65089042-ceec-482c-b5ce-4671b05be12c.pdf Page 25

I wouldn’t have written it up. The A/C will not be running when the furnace is operating so the exhaust or moisture cannot be sucked into the system even though moisture would not affect the A/C unit. However, if you still feel this is incorrect you can contact your local code office and send them your picture. If it does meet code, then fine and this will be confirmed for your clients in case another inspector writes it up when the house is sold. In the last 16 years, I have had to do this a couple of times to confirm if I was correct or not when I was in a disagreement with a contractor. Usually, they are happy to help, but I don’t know what they are like in your area.

lol, reminds me of when I was first married, our mobile home had no a/c, only electric furnace. I had a huge window unit in place. Many, many times I came home from work (in fall or spring), and there was a battle going on. Furnace on at night because it was chilly, then a/c on in the day when it was hot. By the time I got home from work, it would be a comfy 72 in the house, with both units going full blast!! I would cuss and rant at my poor wife who didn’t have a clue.

That said, mine tends to fall apart, even in the winter when it ain’t running.

I don’t think moisture damage has a “season”.

I certainly wouldn’t direct a moisture causing pipe right at the darn thing, even if it wasn’t running.

That’s a funny story.
I ain’t saying its right but my point was the A/C won’t be sucking it up. :wink:

I just went through changing my venting on my high efficiency furnace and many manufacturers have very specific configurations for their venting. I’m not say it won’t work, just to verify. :slight_smile:

Look at the top of that unit…:smiley:

Really, I didn’t realize that so much corrosion type contaminants were still in the high efficiency furnace exhausts. :oops:

Looks like the condensing unit is blocking the working clearance for the electrical disconnect.


That exhaust should not be sceened as well. Not sure it meets 12" clearance from anticipated snow levels either.

Your idea is correct. You can also ask the advice of some professional dealing with HVAC system.

Because of the high concentration of CO2 and water vapor the vent exhaust is acidic, and will rust anything with iron in it.

Licensed Hvac contractor here. 25 years in the business. The out door unit and the furnace should not run at the same time. It should be fine. However I do see how if they did there would be reason for concern. If the furnace and the out door unit ran at the same time there would be a problem. Even if it were duel fuel. The evaporator coil always goes downstream of the heat exchanger. If the heat pump ran in heat at the same time as the furnace it would over heat the compressor. If the exchanger were downstream of the evaporator coil in the AC mode you would rot out the heat exchanger. I really don’t see where the exhaust from the furnace would cause any harm to the outdoor unit. Hope this helps.