QOD for 3/18/2006 (electrical)

Hi to all,

Here’s todays question.

Ooooopps forgot, picture courtesy Carl *“jammy bugger” *Pennick :wink:



BryantPanelPennick (Small).JPG

Wow, I’m surprised at the varied responses. :o

Hi Larry,

really I’m not, I thought by asking the question we would get an interesting safety debate going :wink:



If people would go to your classes they would know the answer that you are looking for


Hi Gerry,

Even though I was surprised, I’m sure we’ll get the fall out by you asking the question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Richard, only if they pay the extra big $$$$ for the super dooper advanced classes :wink:



My thought is that the panel in the picture should be removed. There are no obvious holes in it, and if you didn’t every electrician would laugh at the fact the poor HI was afraid of safety.

Personally I see no danger. Your thoughts may vary. We as home inspectors cannot refer everything out to other trades. I ahve seen so many reports where everything is refered out.

If you mean that the dead front cover should be removed for inspection, (not that I would for this one but if someone was to) I would recommend a very slow observant process whereas one could push everything back in if the breakers start to fall out and that’s really no guaranty they won’t fall out as one is standing there looking at them.

True, there is no guarantee that breakers will not fall out of any panel, new for that matter.

Some panels (such as FPE) have a reputaion for loose breakers on the buss bars, even more so when corrosion is present.

True again. This doesnt apear to be an fpe.

I think I read Bryant (which is another problem brand) there but my point is that when rust/corrosion is present I would suspect hidden damage to the bus and breakers.

Case by case, each would warrant individual consideration (I answered “maybe”). In the one pictured, I really don’t see anything that would stop me from removing the cover.

Is that the answer you’re looking for Gerry :smiley:

Same here. I answered maybe also. Ive opened worse than this many times only to find it okay inside. Outsides looked like Fido’s behind but only cosmetic.

Maybe Jeff, just maybe :wink:




I have inspected several panels that looked much better on the inside than the outside.

Its a personal call, its your safety, if you do not feel safe then don’t do it.

Gerry I have sold houses that the panels were real bad because of water leakage throught the ‘drip loops’ and covered up the rust with a can of spray paint and cleaned up the buss rust with a wire brush. Everything look almost new

If someone were to enter (remove the panel) not a problem or a danger to the inspector. Normal safety procedure of eye and clothing are required just the same an any other pannel


:roll: i usualy only find a reson NOT to open the panel after opening it.:roll:

Now isn’t that the truth, too funny Jay :mrgreen: