HVAC registers install in walk in closets

I just completed a home inspection on a 2012 home built here in Central Texas - green built- spray foam ceiling insulation- I found that the large walk in closets all have a HVAC register installed in them- I can’t seem to find the code that would cover this situation- cn anyone point me in the direction as to whether this is allow by building code or not. Thank. Trent Spivey

I have it in my walk-in closet. What’s the problem?

They can be placed anywhere except the garage. Anymore all large homes with closets large as some bedrooms all have vents. Your looking for something that is not there. Just be thankful they are there and move on

Thanks for the quick repsonse- I just haven’t seen this set up in any of the other homes I’ve inspected- thanks again

Well stick around a while you will see lots of things you have never seen before. I have been doing this for 18 years and I still find things I have never seen before.:wink:

It really all depends on where the closet is. If it’s within the middle of the home and not against unconditioned space; it may not be necessary. As a home inspector you just need to note rooms that don’t have supply vents; I find them all the time behind drywall and have never been cut out. Your not doing a manual D on the home. You will be surprised where you find supply vents. I’ve even found one on the outside of the house; the contractor knocked a hole in the foundation for a conditioned crawlspace and put it outside. Lucky for me I was doing an Energy Star home and knew where the supplies should be and knew something was up. It looked like a dryer vent, until I went into the craw to inspect it. The builder laughed pretty hard when I asked him if they planned on conditioning the dog house out back.

Good job paying attention though, that’s the only way to figure things out in this business.

A walk in closet on an outside wall without heat registers would be a defect in Edmonton or anywhere else where it gets really cold, probably in Texas too. Large unheated spaces without air circulation are very susceptible to condensation and mold growtm

An unconditioned closet with clothes against a cold wall is a breeding ground for mildew.

Well, I’d think the lady of the house would want to stay cool/warm when selecting her clothing options.