What would you say

Here is one , Just wondering how you would comment on this, Located in a breezeway with open soffits the garage which is open frame to a living area Gas fired unit.


If the opening is more than 3 feet from a attic vent prolly ok by code but personally its a dumb place to install. Shirley could have done better

That’s what i thought also Charlie . I think the other garage was added after the fact, you should see the other unit total enclosed return air open chamber with mold all over the insulation , condenser vents out the back but it was open with the same chamber as the return air. of course it didn’t work also.
the problem i had i could smell the unit when it was running inside the garage . ( the one in the breezeway ) Just another day in TN.

Yep that is common for people to put a HVAC in the wrong location to save money on roof installations and long distance runs. I would think any gas detector will take care of that location. Tell them it can only be used for AC according to any IAQ Authority. LOL