I’ve been finding register vents in alot of closets lately. I always recommend the the vents be remove or replace. Does anyone else come across alot of this.

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Use this:
Return duct system does not comply with Section M1601 of the International Residential Code Compliance 2003 One and Two-Family Dwellings. A metal return needs to be installed to comply with this code. Please refer to table M1601.1.1 (2) for repair reference. Licensed HVAC contractor to make the repair prior to the close of escrow.

In this case, at least they have the metal duct. I would suggest a register be installed to comply with the code.

i’d also note that the efficiancy of the system will be compromised by this setup because it’s in a closet, and the heat can’t get out. on the other hand it would make an handy little cloths dryer, no ironing needed.

I find HVAC supply vents in walk-in closets all the time in new construction. If the door is undercut appropriately the air should circulate. Conditioning a closet may keep odors down from shoes & clothes.:stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to all

ah, walk in closet. i didn’t think that way. i saw 3’x3’ coat closet.

they place vents in closet around here.

I’ve seen a few in some of the larger new homes I’ve inspected. It has always been a large walk in type closet though. If the closet has a large outside wall surface then it could remain several degrees cooler then the adjoining bedroom in the winter. Since these large walk in closets are also sometimes used for changing cloths it is a convenience. Just make sure that the bedroom also has a source of heat.

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Never heard of a heat register in a closet or walk-in around here.
Wouldn’t it be more ecconomical to line the closet with scented cedar lining to get rid of the odor?

Undercut of the door would suffice for return air, but not for supply air. Supply air in a closet is wasteful IMO and unecessary, room temperature should keep it adequate and a few degrees cooler to subside the odor of the stinky shoes.

Report should read , question the supply register in the walk-in closest as to it’s effiency and lack of a register grill installed. Would reccommend that a reputable HVAC Contractor evaluate the condition.


Helps control mildew.

What Joe said. Leather is especially prone to growing mold as well if shoes or other leather goods are put away in the closet while still damp and left alone for seveal days. It does not take very long for the mold, mildew to show in an unvented closet in high humidity areas (like the deep South)

I actually have one just like that in the laundry room of my own house …go figure