Hybrid Trucks

Does anybody own a hybrid truck? I’m shopping for a new truck and am considering a hybrid. Any owners/opinions?

I spent a year researching new vehicles for my home inspection company and test drove the Silverado Hybrid, Tahoe Hybrid, Ford F150 EcoBoost V6, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Ford Explorer EcoBoost 2.0 (and a Prius just for giggles)

I wanted the least expensive cost per year, not just the highest MPG. I almost bought the Explorer, but thought that I’d miss having a truck, so I decided on the F150 EcoBoost.

I know its not a hybrid, but, it has plenty of power for commuting to and from home inspections and I am averaging 21.7 MPG with 40% city/60%hwy driving. Sure beats my old Dodge Ram @ 13.4 MPG.

Best of luck truck shopping… just be sure to consider the the overall cost of the hybrid vs the cost to operate. While you can proudly say that your are keeping your carbon footprint small, the overall cost of owning a hybrid is still higher than a standard type vehicle.

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I’ve got a 2001 Chevy Silverado with 285,000 miles and it still purrs like a kitten but I’m ready for a new ride. The Silverado Hybrids are in the $50,000 range and payback in economy savings is 10 years. The Ford and Chevy trucks with all the options I want are $46,000.

The Kia’s get good gas mileage…


Yeah, I would look like a hillbilly showing up with my extension ladder tied to the roof.:stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine bought a gmc searra hybrid in 2010 and loves it. Has the 6.5 litre for pulling his trailer but when he is just cruising around he gets about 38 miles/gallon city and 43 miles/gallon highway. The only down side is the batteries only have a life span of about five years and they cost around 3000 to replace. I may lease one next year if all goes well.

we do not drive them cars we drive http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/2012/ram_1500/storage/exterior_interior/

Yes, we have come a long ways! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuVe0ceekww