What type Vehicle do you drive?

I currently drive a Nissan Frontier 2007 V6 Quad Cab. I am thinking due to the gas price hikes of trading it in for a compact type car.

I currently average around 20-21 mpg. I would like something in the mid 30’s mpg.

I do not know how I would feel doing inspections out of a car and how I could get a ladder to the job. I use a 28 ft extension and 6ft step right now. I know about the fold down ladders but you do not get the height out of these do you? Then pulling up to a home in a car? No offense to those driving cars but this is why I am asking around to see what vehicle you all use.

If I find more inspectors use small cars or something similar, I would feel better about making the switch :wink:

Thanks Guys.

Cadillac CTS. 28 mpg.

1992 BMW 535i, 5 spd, 216,000 miles, 22mpg, 100% inspection use
Wife calls it “the inspector mobile”

Folding ladder in trunk, back seat and front floorboard full of stuff.
12VDC to 120VAC invertor, laptop with mobile internet/email, GPS, radar detector, all easy to reach inside the car.

Truck stays in the garage and not just due to gas prices.

The truck was just too hard on me, couldn’t reach things from driver seat very well, limited space even with the extended cab, hard to get things out of the exterior tool box.

Next inspection vehicle will be another used 5-series BMW as long as the ladder will fit in the trunk.

Hey Bruce,

What size is your extension ladder (fully extended)?

2006 F-350 Diesel $4.79 per gallon:( 75% Inspection use 25% All around fun
Very user friendly everything in reach.
Currently 15.2 miles per gallon. My city is very tight in proximity to the others. My average monthly expense for fuel is $450.00 Wouldn’t trade this for the world:D

I drive a 05 GMC Crew cab. I get about 17 mpg, it works great for me. I am rural and have been thinking about the chevy HHR. It gets 30mpg and can hold all my equiptment. My ladder is a telesteps that extends to 13.5 ft. I love it. no more lugging that heavy little giant around.

04 6 cyl 4/whl/drive 4 runner 105,000 miles 20 mpg, 10 more payments, YIPPEE
17’ telesteps, any higher and I look at it with binoculars.

12ft Werner folding ladder from Lowes

Gets me up to single story roof edges, anything higher gets looked at with the Bushnell 7-21x40 adjustable power binoculars.

Ray , I wish I got your kinda millage.

Not to insult anybody using a car for financial reasons but I would rather keep driving my rust bucket 92 Aerostar then a car.

I just think it does not look professional ,because of preconceived notions by the public as to what an Inspection vehicle should look like.

A nice truck , Van or SUV will help business.

Personally I don’t care what gas costs, my clients pay for, not me—:smiley:

My Ford extended cab 4x4 gets about 18 mpg, so that is not really bad anyway.

When I retire my Blazer that’s what I’ll be looking at. Got a favorable review from my father in law when he rented one in FL. First time in 12 years I heard him say something positive about anything but a Dodge! :shock:

Come out of your cave Bob. Fire good.

When I pull out my 14.5’ Telesteps the comments I get from clients are…I was wondering where your ladder was. and then they say…hey, that’s cool. I will take my shiny Caddy over a 92 rust bucket anytime. What that rust bucket tells the client is that you have not been able to make a good enough living at inspections to afford a newer vehicle.

Does your vehicle have signage? Would you be proud to have your name and company logo on an old rust bucket? Do you honestly think that someone will choose an inspector driving a run down vehicle? It doesn’t look professional and is a strike against you. JMHO. :wink:

Doesn’t a “I’m A Home Inspector” sign on one of these look a little ‘redneck’?

I think I saw this one on my last visit to Chicago…:mrgreen:

2000 Dodge Grand Caravan, great to sticker up, 20+ mpg. Carries everything we need, easy to work out of, 112,000, low maintenance, paid cash for it:cool:
I agree with Dale, it doesn’t matter what fuel costs, indirectly, the clients are paying for it, as long as your able to keep raising your prices occasionally.

Chevy Tahoe Flex-Fuel engine. I’m burning E-85 now at $3.29/gal when regular gas is $4.19 around here. I average 17 to 22 mpg or more.

This is what a real Redneck drives 14 to 16 MPG diesel and can run over anything that gets in my way

Unlimited mileage & very professional.


Does the ladder go on your back??

I could never fit my 28 foot hook ladder on a compact.

No way my 220 pound body is going to trust a toy foldup ladder.