I am here, first in-line, and ready for the party

I just stocked my office with food and drinks, hooked up a third on-line connection, put on some Christmas music, laid out my sleeping bag, and I am ready for the big party tomorrow. I am first in line and you guys remember that. :slight_smile:

Who’s 2nd in-line?

I am going to win me some prizes.:):slight_smile:

I wish for that flair camera Steve wants so bad
I wish for a new flashlight
I wish for a life long membership with INACHI
And I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas:)

I’ll be 2nd. I forgot my sleeping bag, though. Is there room in yours for another person?:smiley:


I wish for Christ to have his name be put back in the Holiday.
Hate Xmas Frank.:slight_smile:

I am in for the whole day, unless of course, my wife goes into labor… in which case, I’m going to be away from my desk for a few minutes at a time:)

See you tomorrow.

And a Merry one too! :wink:

You may be interested to know that Xmas is not just acceptable, it is ridgy-didg.

The X in Xmas is from the Greek character X (Chi - pronounced kie - rhymes with die). The very early Christian church being almost totally made up of ex-pat Greeks living in Palestine, their standard name for Christ (Christos)started with X (chi).

The early Christians often referred to Christ by X - his Greek initial. You can see the X symbol commonly today in the overprinted P and X symbols used by Catholics (meaning Chi & Rho - the first two letters of Christ’s name).

Xmas is not only acceptable, it is probably more accurate than an anglo-saxon rendition starting with Ch.

HA! You’ll need to install plumbing and a heater in the dog house cuz you’re gonna be there a looooooong time!

Mike ,I hated it since I was a kid and view it as being PC since before that term became popular.

You might even have noticed in past threads I often spell it Chrstmass.

Just seems better.

X seems like delete.

Talk about history ,the Nazi symbol was a religious symbol too.

I have alot of kids, (this will be 5) I have never been to a NACHI Christmas party!

Your right about the dog house though. Kinda like this guy?

Its a party dude lighten up for a change. :wink:

And may you get that wish

I’ll bring the egg nog !

Bought some yesterday. It’s in the fridge.:smiley:

It is not a winter party without Swedish Glog.
Do you guys know what that is?

Does it involve a hangover?

Usually,for most.
served hot from a punchbowl.

It should be big!

When does the party start? Where do we go to pick up our party hats and favors??

I hope so…I just canceled two inspections-----:lol:—:margarit:—(8\)

Ok what party I’m lost lol. Someone shine a light my way. Dale you lucky sun of gun I don’t think any of us are working here in STL right now it’s snowy, cold, and icy. I need to move to where your at. lol