What day should we all have the big, online InerNACHI Christmas party?

Pick a date.

We’re wrapping the gifts www.nachi.org/dailydoorprize.htm now.

Monday, Dec. 21st.

With Gary on that one.

i agree


Sounds good.

I’m having my hair done that day, but I’ll try to get another appointment.

Who cares. Isn’t half the fun the excitement of receiving a gift!?

Whatever works for St. Nick and the Elves! :nachi:

Sounds good for me. What time is the start on the party?

12-21-08, sounds good.

You have a time machine, Leah? :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehehe Ooooops! Typo. 12-21-09.

Thanks guys; my wife is working that day, and most RE’s are not; so I can have some peace and quiet before the busy holiday. The weekend is for her, and that Monday for me!!! (before the relatives all hit town).

On line Xmas party sounds good. Last year we did a group chat on Dom’ HIP board and the topic was on IR.

It was a great time and I remember having a few adult beverages.

So Nick what kind of beverage will you be drinking? I say we disable the spell check to see how everyone’s words begin to slur as the party progresses.

December 21’st sounds good.

Maybe Dom can have one on the 22nd.

I need some spirit. Anybody got any they care to share?

My kids won’t be in school that day. I’ll just have to tell them “don’t bother me kids, I’m shopping for your xmas presents!”:smiley:

Spirit? Just listen to some George Throughgood.

21st sound good. Last year was fun :smiley:

im in…can i bring fruit cake???

Paul, this fruit cake won’t have anchovies will it?