I am looking for PA Licensing Phone #

I am a NACHI member and a NYS licensed home inspector wanting to do Home Inspections in PA. I have only done approx 50 Paid inspections.
My question is can I do inspections in PA. I also have 30+years of contractor experience.
I dint want to pay out the 900 deposit for the E&O if I cant get the license as of yet. Can anyone help?

We do not have licensing in PA yet, however we do have home inspection laws. You have to be a member of a national home inspector organization, you must have E&O insurance, and you must have participated in at least 100 fee paid inspections. If you have not done 100 inspections, a full member that is compliant with PA Act 114 can sign off on the report if they assume full responsibility for the report.

My question is I head that having a NYS license eliminates the 100 inspections. I want an answer on that part

There are no reciprical agreements with any other stataes in Pennsylvania because we do not have minimum licensing established at this time. If you do not meet the requirements of PA Act 114, then you can not legally do inspections in PA without someone else signing off on the report. Reciprocity will be established when we establish our licensing requirements and they will more than likely be only with states that have similar licensing requirements as PA when they are established. Until that time, if you want to do inspections in PA, you have to meet the requirements that are on the books so far.

Do you also have to be an ASHI or NAHI member then also? sense they are the only ones that have the 100 inspection clause in their membership requirements?
Do you have an official phone number I can call to get it from the horses mouth? I do appreciate your help and answers although I would like to chat with someone in that dept that handles these things.

Thanks, Rick

You can Google for a copy of PA Act 114 and call the PA Attorney General’s Office since they are the governing body over home inspectors in the State of PA. Everything you what to know is written out in PA Act 114.

As for being a member of ASHI or NAHI…I wouldn’t waste a penny to join either of those associations. They have absolutely nothing to offer me that I don’t already have here. I don’t know what you are talking about as far as the 100 inspection requirement for membership. InterNACHI has the same requirement to be a full member. ASHI and NAHI require 250 from the last time I looked. I could be mistaken though. Pennsylvania requires 100 inspections.

I gave you the information you asked for, you don’t want to believe me…You can Google it if you want.

PA Act 114

Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection at (717) 787-9707

Here you go.


NACHI requires completion of 100 Inspections to claim Full Member status.

Thank you for the information!!! I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, But with my NYS 120 hours of class room training and 40 hours of field training and the fact that I am a member of InterNACHI and have over 50+ PAID home inspections under my belt (I guess i better count them all) do they need to be verified in some kind of way?

Nice Post everything at your fingertips

How do I go about getting people to sign off on my reports up until I hit 100? That seems like a pretty big deal for someone to do, I have confidence in my inspection process but still… Any suggestions anyone?

InterNACHI’s report review will do it for free at www.nachi.org/reportreview.htm

Beware of the PHIC scam: www.nachi.org/phicscam.htm