I am needing a PDF writer (editable)

are there any good working options other than acrobat pro for $449? thanks!


Nuance PDF software. The folks that make Dragon Speaking Naturally Voice Recognition software. Runs around $80 and up depending on how fancy you want or need to get. I got version 5 years ago as an added benefit for buying DSN and hardly ever use it.

I have that and I use it all the time to combine PDF’s from multipal report writing programs into one. HIP, MS Word and Thermal Imaging reports.


Free or upgrade to your needs.


I have used CutePDF for the past 6 years witout a lick of trouble and its free. Make sure you select the free download and not purchase their “Pro” version.

Here’s the link; http://www.cutepdf.com

Nuance PDF software works for me also!

I use it to compress reports which are in Words and it only takes seconds.

Abobe didn’t work for me…

PDF fill is great and cheap.


NITRO… I guess depends on what you need

I think most of these will just make pdfs- a print driver that prints to PDF. I want to be able to open a pdf, make changes in texts and save it. will any of these do that?

Robert, the pdf X-Change Viewer free version that John posted about in post #5 does provide for limited editing. I have used it for a couple of years with good results. Remember though that it doesn’t actually edit the underlying pdf but rather ‘overlays your edits’ on top of an existing pdf. Not that big a deal for general, simple edits like adding words for filling in the blanks or inserting simple images to a pdf. If you are wanting to rearrange or modify the actual pdf then it will not work for that though.

See post #5

I change PDF text all the time with the free version.

Foxit PDF Editor will do it, but I forget how much it costs.

pdf fill will

Rob, why are you trying to edit PDF’s (that aren’t forms)? The whole purpose of a PDF is that it’s a non mutable document. Yes, there’s programs that allow some editing, but they’re just ugly and hard to work with. Change it before hand!

its for corporate niche forms. I am attempting to take the 203k stuff on and i am hearing that I will need it, So I wont need to redo every form every time. I could use it now for Indiana Housing forms- 20 pages that I have to redo for one page that needs updating as corrections are made.