I am new inspector I found this gas log fire place I know its wrong how do I write it up thank you

Welcome to the forum seifu. Describe the defect you observed or how it wasn’t functioning properly. Then make a recommended next step. Post what you think a comment should be and we can help you edit it if needed.

First the dumper was sealed and is it okay to have open gas fire place

Do you mean sealed open or sealed closed?

Sealed closed

That is definitely a bad idea and should be in your report.

Damper (dumper is something else) sealed shut is an immediate danger to anyone who turns the gas logs on. I’d notify the listing agent/seller and obviously put it in the report. Whenever a wooden fireplace is converted to gas logs the damper must be removed and or welded in the open position. An open gas log fireplace is fine but the doors may be required to meet energy codes in your area (I’d still recommend them to save energy). Without the doors and an open damper, a lot of heat will escape through the chimney.

Thank you all!!!

My other question why 2 water meter???

From here that looks like an old wood burning fireplace converted to gas logs, or should I say improperly converted to gas log fireplace.

There isn’t enough information from the OP to make a suggestion. So if you know it’s wrong why not just write what you know is wrong in your report. So what exactly is known to be wrong?

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The fireplace has been apparently modified to include the installation of gas logs and the sealing of the damper. It is outside our standards of practice light pilot lights, operate gas logs or to determine the appropriateness of any installation. I have concerns with the sealed damper, therefore I recommend further evaluation for corrections as needed by a qualified chimney sweep for safety reasons.

(note: Some gas logs are vent-less but undetermined based on my limited visual inspection)


Could be a number of reasons for the second meter. Some areas will install the second meter for irrigation so your not paying sewer fees to water the lawn. Some others offer reclaimed water for irrigation which would be on a separate meter. Could be for a pool, or any other number of reasons someone would want to have water they are not paying sewer fees on. Also, is it a single-family residence?


Contact the local water utility to ask about the second water meter.

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Thank you I didn’t know that would be possible .you are right one of the line goes to sprinkler

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