Inside gutter (Not what you think)

I have never seen a downspout run into the interior of the home. Next to the main is a bad idea.

Beside the downspout.:shock: I noted these issues.

FPE. Improper labeling. No isolation at sub, Undersized 10 gauge to 40 amp A/C breaker that the exterior data specified 35 amps. Thanks Paul!!

No exterior ground.

The splices in the sub where questionable.

Any other comments or concerns.

The downspouts in the house are classic. I love these old houses. Check out my post for the other pics of the interior spouts.



88806 Bedford 051 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 049 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 053 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 052 (Small).jpg


You are getting QUITE good at the electrical issues…very impressed !

The issue in my mind with this is the clearance issues…and the foriegn system within MY electrical dedicated space.( Clarrification…( Thanks Pierre…lol… ) I am refering to a space I can’t see in this image…above it or below it…but alas I just can’t see that in this image.)

Now…that metal gutter ( if it is metal ) is in a position that it COULD become " electrically energized " so…while chances are the client will not remove it…It would not HURT to be suggested it be BONDED to the GEC system…just a thought…

Good call…on the panel…that one could have tricked a novice…:)…yep…sure enough the panel on the right becomes a “Remote Distribution Panel” and would need to meet the items you stated.

Are their any bushings on the service conductors entering into the panel?

Tricky that one…the main panel is complying with the 6 or less…and feeding the panel on the right…very nice.

You are doing well…“Grasshopper”…:slight_smile:

However…I have to admit Dave…I can’t follow those conductors very well in the first panel…is the panel on the RIGHT being FED from the OCPD on the left…just to be sure?

The SEC attached to the main 100 amp. The 50 amp at the right was for the stove. These are the wires that are splice in the sub. Home owner is using stove as gas so at this time the 50 amp isnt being used, The new owner may use the stove 220.

The other 40 amp is the dryer. The sub feeds are attaced at the main lugs. Am I calling this right oh wise one? The home owner or whom ever improper labeled the 40 amp dryer breaker as sub feed.

The 40 amp in the sub was 10 gauge and dedicated for the A/C. Thanks to you I now know that I need to read the data plate on the A/C unit.

I would say you are doing a fine job DAVE…keep up the GOOD work and remember…never stop learning…I learn something new everyday of my life.

Ahhh…I will let you call them SUB-PANELS if you would like…lol…but if you want to be a GURU…you will need to call them “Remote Distribution Panels” and I will give you a GOLD STAR :wink:

OPPS…not a GOLD STAR…but a GREEN BOX…even better…:slight_smile:


The “Dedicated Equipment Space” only pertains to the “footprint” space of the panel equipment above and below the equipent, not to the sides of the equipment.


I could not see above it or below it…so I was making sure if this was an issue to be aware of it…as the image was limited and grasping at straws since I can’t see above it or below it in that image.

lol…now you know I know that…come on now Pierre…lol

I am more concerned with the fact this panel does not appear to be installed correctly for a "Remote Distribution Panel " as you can see from the Bus Bar in the panel picture.

However I think Dave did a wonderful job finding those things we can’t see well from the image…what do ya think…We give Dave a Green Box for it?