Somethin seems worng of missing?

I will eventually figure it out???

2791 E Citadel Ct 5-12-09 046.JPG

2791 E Citadel Ct 5-12-09 051.JPG

2791 E Citadel Ct 5-12-09 050.JPG

Is this a garage?

Conduit! :mrgreen:;-):stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, it’s a Chicago thing. :smiley:

Maybe the can wasn’t rated for contact so they just left it all out. :slight_smile:


Not the garage. :smiley:

2791 E Citadel Ct 5-12-09 002.JPG

Good thing it does not get cold over there:D

It gets pretty fricking hot Bruce. :smiley: 104 today:(

If you notice in the first picture you can see my ladder. I sat there at the attic opening looking at the ceiling and the attic floor scratching my head figuring I was not seeing things clearly. :shock:

What? Two blankets isn’t good enough?

ya, but it’s a dry heat:D

Could you mail the Electrician a box of insulated staple Brian?:mrgreen:

Maybe they left out the insulation so they could trace the wires to label the panel. :wink:

"Somethin seems worng of missing"

Spelling /grammar, perhaps. LOL:p:mrgreen:;-):stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps. The client told me when I got there, “Please do not find anything major”. I explained if there was something major to find, wouldn’t be better to FIND it now???

Contractor is going to install R 30 throughout the attic and fix all the other things I pointed out. :smiley:

The client should consider chipping in a couple of hundred and get R-38 blown in. Meet some of the new energy/green guidelines.

You been drinkin’ again Brian? :mrgreen:

Good thing it doesn’t get hot in AZ. . . :roll:

I know Jeff, by the time I realized I did not spell check and posted, there was no going back.:frowning:

Just funnin’ with ya.

FYI - you can edit your thread titles. . . :wink:

Is this the “Heat rises, so… I want it to escape faster” line of thinking? :slight_smile:


Not entirely