I couldn't test the furnace today....

Today was rather hot here, so I saved the furnace for last so the house wasn’t super hot. I turned the thermostat all the way up, intending to just let it run a few minutes and turn it back down. Nothing happened. Nada. After a few minutes of nothingness, I returned to the thermostat to find that the max setting went to 90, and it was 89 in the house.

Man it was warm today.

On days like that, I usually have the AC cranked for most of the inspection. When I turn it off towards the end it’s still cool enough after 15 minutes to start the furnace. I’ve never had it be too warm to start it unless the AC didn’t work either.

Most of the time it goes from the client complaining that it is too cold to them complaining that it is too hot. (Make a note of that in your notes, so when they call you back in 6 months saying something isn’t working, you can remind them… :o)

I totally agree Mark. For the record, there was no AC :slight_smile:

agree with Mark . . . make a note

Auuuugh, THAT SUCKS! I hate it when that happens! Especially when it comes to doing the attic.:shock:

Even worse is an attic on a three story house. Can you say heat stroke.

Mark, hit the nail on the head…:slight_smile: