I Finally Got It!!

Well, Bob Builder Home Inspections, Inc. is FINALLY \:D/Licensed by New York State. I just called the Division of Licensing yesterday and have my number in my hand. It took some time and a lot of complaining on this board and to myself, but it is all over now. Now on to continuing my business. I feel liberated!!:wink:

Congrats Bob! :smiley: Good luck!

congratulations Bob. I’m still fighting. Nick sent me a letter to submit to the state showing that I have taken and passed all of NACHI’s requirements, however, when I called the state, one person said that would guarantee grandfather status while another said the letter would only get me “reviewed”. I’ve only recently purchased software for my reports (after all my paper reports were lost or destroyed, so I cannot prove the 100 inspections in the last two years. Any advice?

Hey Bob,
Congrats, finally recieved my NYS Lic. No. last week, still waiting for the real deal in the mail. Hopefully soon. We met back in kingston in March. I’m glad you’re on your way. Good luck.

Same here Mark. Congrats to both of you!

Anyone have any advice as to how to speed up this process? I put my application in about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I spoke with someone at DOS today and they told me that the current processing time is 8 to 10 weeks.

The letter from NACHI is just to replace the NY State Exam, if you took the NACHI exam before Dec 31, 2005. It WILL NOT grandfather you. The only way to get grandfathered is to prove on paper that you have completed the 100 inspections. If you cannot prove this (it sounds as you can’t in that you lost all of your reports…how did this happen?), then you are on the 100 hours of education thru an approved school by NYS and the 40 hours of hands-on inspections under a licensed (NYS) home inspector. The state is NOT alllowing any shortcuts…I know what I am saying and you would agree if you to look up my posts. I have been put thru a knot hole to get my license, but it was worth it. So, get busy and enroll in a class. Good Luck!

You cannot speed them up and do not bug them for a quicker response. This may make them scrutinize your application more. You do not want this. I waited 4 weeks, so my guess is that you will have a number soon. They told me 4 to 6 weeks processing time. Just call in the middle of the week and politely ask if your application has been approved and if so, what is your license number. Thays it, if you get a no, then politely say thanks and hang up. Call again the following week.

Finally NYS DOS send LOA for my state license. NYS 16000016660 is in business, and already have an inspection tommorrow at 11am



Congratulations Mark and good luck with the business. Jim…

Congratulations Mark and good luck with the business. Jim…

Congratulations, I was in class with you in Kingston. NYS faxed my LOA yesterday. I think I got lucky. I sent in my app. on April 17. Received my NYS #16000017007 the following week. And they faxed my letter yesterday. Anyways I am also ready to go. I am still working on finishing my web site, basically just have a standard template now. I just received my brochures and cards yesterday from AHIT. Mark, what are you using for reports? Again congrats and good luck.

I use the AHIT inspection report. I’m gonna use this report until I find it necessary to switch to computerized. I’m better with old and reliable technology. Let me know how you make out.