Thank goodness grandfathering is over.

Congrats to all those who got grandfathered.

One battle over.

**I heard you can get an inspectors license by Grand fathering in. Does anyone know anything about it and how do I do it?
Just kidding, any guess on how long it is before someone comes to this site and asks that question…I say March 25

Funny, but if I told you how many veteran inspectors emailed me that exact question today, you’d be shocked.

So I guess it does pay to belong to a professional trade organization!

InterNACHI made grandfathering pretty painless for our members and saved them some money too.

Yes you did Nick, and I sincerely appreciate it. My HI and Mold licenses are hanging on the wall in my office. Thank you again! =D>

Mold Assessor Application in the mail — Time stamped 4:04 pm today — Yahoo
It will hang on my wall even if they repeal it. lol
Now i’m looking for a bridge to throw some money at and buy.

I had two calls today from inspectors that wanted information about grandfathering. Neither had been fingerprinted nor had their background check completed.

I’ll never understand those who wait till the last minute.:roll:

Hold on a minute now, does this mean that Bennets bill allowing the continued grandfathering of contractors is no longer an issue?

It is endorsement not grandfathering.

What does that mean? Do they just get one without doing anything?

All they have to do is submit their division 1 license for a home inspector license.

So the difference would be semantics. It needs to be addressed. Anyone who lacked the ambition to pursue this endeavor prior to this point needs nor deserves any advantage over other applicants. I would like to hear or read the justifications of such a policy. It’s nonsense.

Damn… I could have saved myself a lot of time doing it that way.
Can they do it forever whenever they wish?

I would have to agree. In some instances, because certain other associations wouldn’t even bother to return an inquiry, it was the only option!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Now that the grandfathering period is over, we can concentrate on fixing the law!

Or maybe even eliminating it altogether? :smiley: :-k :-;;

One problem I see with repealing this law. Three or four years down the road someone will decide Home Inspectors need to be licensed and we will start this whole process over again. How many years in a row was a bill introduced until this one got made into law. There will always be someone or a group that thinks licensing is the answer for everything.

Chaos is our friend, embrace him. :smiley:

The problem with that is that someone may come up with something worse.

Sen. Bennet seems to continually stick his nose in something where money is involved. I seem to remember he was the one who put forth the bill to make Florida a non-judicial foreclosure state.That way all of the illegal foreclosures could go right through without judicial process.

Of course, you would have to know who his major contributors were.:mrgreen::mrgreen: