I got a laugh

I pointed out to a client my concerns for the overall workmanship of the electrical system installation. Then pointed to an example. The real estate agent quickly replied, “what’s wrong, it is electrical tape.”

There was a pause and we all laughed. She was testing me.



now she did have a point Tom…that does appear to be electrical tape…:stuck_out_tongue:

Even though it’s ugly, it’s probably legal. There is no requirement that cable supports or straps be listed. I would advise that you call this one out anyhow, because it’s hardly permanent in nature. That “hanger” will fail long before the cable is at the end of its life.

sure go ahead …pick apart every little thing…deal killer…lol…jim

I’m not a home inspector, so I can’t really do that. Sure enough, though, when you find stupid stuff like this it’s a sign that there’s other more serious issues afoot. If someone cut a corner on something so obvious, they’ve no doubt cut corners on things that are genuine hazards. Sorta like a warning sign to look closer. :cool:

I was just messin with ya Marc…I could not agree more…lol…jim

Type SE cables are required to be secured and supported per:

"334.30 Securing and Supporting.

Nonmetallic-sheathed cable shall be supported and secured by staples, cable ties, straps, hangers, or similar fittings designed and installed so as not to damage the cable, at intervals not exceeding 1.4 m (41/2 ft) and within 300 mm (12 in.) of every outlet box, junction box, cabinet, or fitting. Flat cables shall not be stapled on edge."

TAPE is not allowed!

http://www.nachi.tv/screenshots/video55.jpg Electrical Inspection Volume 3

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Similar fittings is pretty vague. That cable is indeed “strapped” with tape. There are straps and hangers on the market for this purpose not much more substantial than tape. I sure wouldn’t do this, if I was an inspector I’d want to figure out some way to fail it, but I see it as not being prohibited.

Fitting. An accessory such as a locknut, bushing, or other part of a wiring system that is intended primarily to perform a mechanical rather than an electrical function.”

Tape is not a fitting!

Fine. Call it a hanger then. You can run the SE thought bored holes if you want to also, and that’s not on the list either.

Where this type of cable is run at angles with joists in unfinished basements and in crawl spaces, it is usually OK to secure cables not smaller than two 6 AWG, or three 8 AWG conductors directly to the lower edges of the joists.

Smaller cables msut be run either through bored holes in joists, **or on running boards. **

Drilling through joists is acceptable but also has some restrictions that are covered in building codes.

Regardless, the tape (strap/hanger/whatever) still meets the minimum requirements, vague as they are, but is dumb. I wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t advise anyone else to do it, but I maintain that it is legal. Furthermore, if I was a home inspector, I’d state that it needs attention.

Duct tape?? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen lots of cables in 1&2 family strapped with tywraps, particularly in steel stud framing. It wasn’t one of my inspections but the local AHJ seemed happy with it.

Since you mention steel stud framing, I purposely used electrical tape (Scotch 33) to tape MC cables in the middle of steel studs passing vertically purposely to see if it would pass inspection. They did.

I agree with Joe, but if someone is not familiar with code requirements, simply recommend the upgrade for safety purposes only. You shouldn’t be stating “How To’s” in your report anyways.

First considering I cherish my ‘33’ tape, it only stays in my pouch, never a box/bucket, this use weirds me out. :wink:

There is no ‘mounting’ requirements I know of for mc through metal studs, so why would this addition of tape, very nice tape, be an issue for objection?


p.s. Code Fight! Code Fight!