I Got My Video Inspection Tool.

Hard at work.


Good Sound but No Picture

Worked fine for me though it loaded slow.

How do you reduce the .avi file size.?

Would not load here either as it said it could not load quicktime something or other that was needed

I adjusted the code… try it again now. It will play in windows media player.

sound only-blank screen

If windows media player is not your default player, it might not open up.

Tried on two different players. Sound only (weird twang in the voice) no video. Oh wait, I forgot John was from Texas… audio was fine then…:mrgreen:

What tool did you get John?

I’m just playing with it now.


You can get my raw file and view it here.


Me too having a problem


I have one of these and absolutely hate it.

Let me know how you like your new toy after using it for a while. Does it take still pictures?

You take videos with this little camcorder… and it has built in software
that allows you to pull images out of it, if you desire.

I converted the avi to a flash… see if it works now.


that works fine. A little small but clear…Have fun with this one John…

Works fine, John.

Have fun with your new toy…errr…tool. :smiley:

I’m gonna TELL !!!

What do you need to spend to get a camcorder which allows you to pull good res pics for the report?
Anybody know.?
I imagine 3 pix would do it.

Some of them have sweet zoom.

I got it the first time; John. It looks fine to me. You don’t sound funny to me - No twang. No twang at all. Nope, Can’t hear that twang.