Video Inspecting?

What do you think about using this little $90 video camera for inspections?

It says it’s resolution is:
Optical Sensor Resolution: 0.3 MP

That’s reallly low. Like, worse than webcam low. But if it’s shrunk down small enough to be shown it will be ok. Just don’t expect to be showing it on a tv.

John, did you read the reviews on - the flip seemed to be better . . . and yse I’ve thought about using one for clients out of state who haven’t walked the house, and for my records as well. But will probably wait a few more months when the quality improves. My 2 cents worth.

John, do you currently offer videos as part of the inspection??? I know of a few inspectors that offers videos of key parts of the inspection for an additional fee…I have been thinking of adding this service as well.

If any inspectors offer this, how has it gone for you???


Something that has been niggling on my mind for a while, John; keep us updated about where you go with this concept, please!

I picked an earlier model of one of these up right after they came out, at a pawn shop, almost half price.

Anything without superior steady shot, low light, clarity, zoom, and other features would be a waste of $$$$$ imo. Never had a client complain, easy to use and deliver video.


Spend the price of 1-2 inspections and you’ll recover within the first year with the additional fee collected for this service.

Barry & Others,

How do you deliver the video? Do you upload it to your server, distribute it on a cd, copy it to a dvd? Do you cut it up into small clips or use it most of the time you’re walking around? How much video (time wise) do you give them?

The reason I ask is that I’m trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it into our program. I could insert it into the pdf itself but you wouldn’t want to add more than a few minutes worth or the size would grow quite big. I was thinking of making it an option between that and an attachment that could be downloaded online.


Good for Dominic like a home inspector always thinking .
Love this BB open to all thoughts and ideas.

I deliver mine as flash video uploaded to my website. There are plenty of free players to do so with.

I use it for three purposes so far:

  1. Home Inspections Walk Through. This occurs when a buyer is from out of town and has never seen the inside of the home. I simply give them something a bit better then snapshots of the various rooms.
  2. Investor Home Visits. This is for out of town investors/clients who want to have me give some quick thoughts on several homes for them. They are in the browse phase of the purchase process and don’t want to waste their own time looking at dozens of houses that could easily be whittled down to a few. Later on when the actually have a signed offer, I do an inspection of the selected property for them.
  3. Training Videos. I take video for helping owner/builders who are interested in strawbale/alternative construction. Has nothing to do with the inspection side of the business.

I’d be interested in hearing what others use video for specifically in their home inspection business. What issues do you shoot video of instead of taking a photo, etc.

– bz

I will keep you posted on how this turns out… Thanks for the input Guys.

In general it might be a bad idea other than as limited use.
You certainly would never want to do the whole inspection that way.
Think of all the editing you would need.
Everyone forgets an item to include till they get home and think back about it so the video would seem all chopped up unless you are Quentin Tarintino.
Lawyers do not have patience to even go past the summery much less watch home movies.
I could see it as a suppliment only. if used in segments, where live action could show the defect better such as water backing up.

For those of you that use video, what percentage of your clients ask for this service and what amount extra do you charge in your area for this service? Jeanne Considine

I don’t use one… but just bought one to play with it.

Rarely for inspections, just is cases of out of town clients who haven’t seen the inside of the house. I don’t charge extra for it, but I do get clients who are directed to me because folks know of the service. I also get referrals from those clients once they get here, so I think they appreciate the extra effort.

It actually only takes me about 5 minutes to put the video together afterward and upload the whole thing to my webserver, so it’s not worth trying to pitch it as an extra for me. The taking of the video is also no big deal, I have to walk into each room anyway, simply shoot video then.

– bz