Who do you trust for directions?

I have been left high and dry a few times with MapQuest. I should have read the print out more closely but had two jobs, printed both out and headed for the road. I ended up in the middle of nowhere. I ended up getting an ADC map for the county at the book store and got to my location. If I had the money I would get a GPS but they are not perfect as my wife can tell you. Sadly she found her way back home :slight_smile: . What method do you use for getting to unknown, seldom traveled areas?


TomTom 720 from Sams. It’s worked perfectly for me, even when out in the sticks. Plus I like the fact it also functions as an iPod in the truck.

I have also been caught driving around after using Mapquest. Gets under you r skin a bit. I just started using the Yahoo deal cuz I won’t pay for something I can get for free. but that may be why I was caught driving around looking for directions.

This may sound really silly but when you are booking an inspection ask for the cross st or subdivision if that doesn’t work, we always get email listing sent to us from the Realtor which has the directions on it. I personally cant stand those GPS things for the city. Now on long trips their great.
It seems the GPS’s never give you the quickest route (of course theres a button for the quickest route) I stick to my local map and knowledge of the city, and surroundings. all else fails hey Mr. Client whats the best way to get there??

I always ask the client for directions, even if they are only partial directions.
Then I use a map program and gps to help the rest of the way. When
that fails, I call my wife and blame her… :slight_smile:

I would ask but these come down via the web. The contact shown many times does not know where the location is [secretary].


I’ve actually been testing microsoft streets and trips and i enjoy it, i have the 2007 version, but the new 2008 version is avilable for i think 150.00 or so. comes with gps, the only problem so far i found, and this might only be my gps receiver, but it has to be on the roof, and i dont think it’s water tight so i beleive i cannot use it in the rain, but ill test that theory… but i enjoy it, they give you alot of options showing you a map if you go off couse and how to get back, a voice giving you directions, even tells you where local places to eat and sleep along with gas and all kinda of things are located and how much money in gas it’ll cost you to get there… it’s microsoft for ya… check out the reviews

I’ve got 07 Streets and it worked pretty good. I put my gps receiver on the dashboard and it worked fine. The reason I went with the TomTom was because of portability. I didn’t like lugging around a laptop when I left my vehicle. The TomTom fits in my pocket no problem. Around here it’s best not to keep anything in your vehicle, especially in plain sight. They’ll bust your windows for .50 laying in the cupholder (it happened).

There’s no cost for the TomTom except for the purchase. I bought it at Sams, went in the parking lot and hooked it up and I was on my way. It comes with a cradle that I hook up to my PC and can plan my routes the day before.

With gas prices the way they are, it paid for itself within a month. :slight_smile:

Yea i was gonna go for the TOMTOM because of the fact with the laptop it’s way too big, and i know what you mean about not leaving things in the vehicle(i live in philadelphia)b ut my girlfriend took a tomtom down the shore, and on her way home it took her more then an hour out of her way, then couldnt figure out how to get her back to philly so i had to mapquest the directions, so it was a turn-off, esp with the way she was so upset… but personally ive been reconsidering it, at least check out the magellan

your gps works inside? mine has a magnet on the bottom and unless it has open skys wont work (its not the gps that came with streets and trips)

I use mapquest and have had relatively few problems, mostly showing streets that do not go through.
I never use the directions though. I print out the map and sometimes will use a pen/marker to highlight the route so I know if I need to turn right or left (I am good with maps, but while I’m driving, I can’t dink around too much - I might spill my coffee!)

Magellan is my friend! She grips alot if you miss a turn however;-)

I hope she lets go once you go the right way!

:mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I have nightmares of Ms. Magellan saying “When possible make a legal U-turn”:slight_smile:

I said she grips? I meant gripes! Maybe I better stop there, people may think Ms. Magellan and me are real friendly;) :cool:

That’s what I like about my TomTom, I can record my own voice and sayings. Makes driving much more fun when you can add your own humor to it.

I said make a u-turn dumba$$:stuck_out_tongue:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Great to see some humor in the open forum!

Yep it is good to laugh once in a while. I have seen some posts lately from people who have a hair trigger. Good thing e-mails can’t kill!:slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all of your help.


I ask for directions from a common area as well as a** cross street**. Map it out using yahoo maps or google earch. I print a map of the general area and use that if my GPS fails. I live in the sticks, 75% of my inspections are in the sticks … my gps has gotten me to within 100 yards of the inspection 99.9% of the time.