I had breakfast with Robert Redford this morning.

I’m working from the Sorrel River Ranch in Moab, Utah this week (I’m a regularly invited guest) and guess who is staying in the cabin next to me? I’m sitting on a porch swing by the Colorado River with the Sundance Kid himself. :cool:

Wow !! I’m impressed. Did he ask about me ?? :mrgreen:

Bill Mullen

He told me all his kids went to CU (the University in Boulder where I live). He owns his own ranch, the Sundance Ranch but is friends with the owner of the Sorrel. Very nice man.

I’m just glad that I didn’t say anything stupid like “I love your salad dressing.” That’s the other guy :wink: .

My first cousin, Van Johnston, has been a Political Science Professor there for about 30 years. (CU, not Sundance Ranch)

Bill Mullen

Wow. Small world.

Paul Newman?
One of my favourite actors.

Tell Bob I said hi.

Ask him how “A walk in the woods” is coming along.


I feel your pain.

Used to be a great actor, but has lost his mind over the years and thinks that he, like so many other wackos in “the arts” has a clue about politics, the world economy, global warming or anything other then spending your life tyring to “play” at being someone else.

Loved " The Sting".


What in the world makes you think Robert Redford has lost his mind? :shock:

Hanging with Nick? :mrgreen:


Actors, while good at acting (and Redford is) seem to feel (as Redford does) that is they play a character, in a film, that they, somehow, have the experience, knowledge and ability to proclaim what the character would.

Check out his latest film, Lions for Lambs. Just a bunch of left wing poopy.

Actors are actors and play roles.

Thsy should just stick with what the do and not consider themselves experts (or even well informed) about stuff that they no nothing about.

Just my opinion.

Will, I didn’t have the nerve to bring up the subject of Barbara Streisand :roll:

Jermi Johnson. Catch and skin this Grizz pilgram and I’ll bring you another.

Good, Nick. Very diplomatic.

Did you see the movie they did togther? What a stinker.

I loved that film. :smiley:

I just hacked the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences message board and you guys will never believe this.

Robert Redford started a thread entitled “I had breakfast with Nick Gromicko this morning”.

It was going along pretty well until the thread drift introduced by Lewis Capaul.

Oh bye the way… This Non Member can come back on the open forum and…

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