I have another one: What do these NACHI staffers all have in common?

Krystal Wright, Beccha Levine, Chris Morrell, and Deanna Willis.

The same boss.

No. Chris has no boss. C’mon… this is an easy one.


They all have Teletubbies tattos?

Charter members of the North American Banjo Patterson fan club?


Is Chris Morrell A Man Or Women?,if a Women, My Answer Is All Are Females.


Hint: Just look at them.

Chris is male.

Hahahaha very funny

BTW - I do not have any tattos

Really Dee? That’s not what Gary Johnson says.

No facial hair? :wink:

Were all suprised last week to find out, at one time pluto was not only a Disney character, but a planet also?

Nick, Gary Johnson told me about your hidden tatoo

You mean the tattoo of the Big Mac with fries I got when he and I were dating? :smiley: :wink: That was supposed to be a secret.


They Are Youre Right Hands!!!


Hae all used Pop Rocks to spice up their love lives?

Done wild guessing? Do you want me to tell you?

NO this is fun. Give them another hint

Come on you mean I have not been correct even once?