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hi I’m new to the home inspector field and I’m trying to figure out the best software to go with I was wondering if anybody out there could offer me any opinions

The best one is one that works best for “you” (your style, needs, price, etc…). To find out you will have to try several. Now… wait for it… guys will tell you “their” best. Here they come :slight_smile:

PS: use the search function of the forum to search for “software”.

Try this link and many of the companies will give you free trial reports to try:


Welcome to our forum, Joseph!..Enjoy! :smile:

I am also starting. A friend of mine has a business also and he has been using Report Host which is an online software. It is customizable and has some preset descriptions if you want to use them. What I like best is its free to sign up and you pay I think about $9 per report. Also, while you’re waiting for customers, you can create reports, do everything you want to and as long as you don’t publish the report it won’t cost you anything. Take a look. it won’t hurt. Also, if you give them your InterNchi number, they will give you 15 free reports. I’m sure I’ll use this until I’ve developed my reputation and have plenty of work to afford Software.

When I was shopping around I downloaded the free trial for several different softwares and just messed around with them to see what I liked.

Personally I like TAP Inspect, but you need to have IOS to run it.

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Actually, $6/report to start, though it can be much lower.