I have to congratulate InterNACHI, at least the forum is much faster

Well, don’t you agree? I’m starting to find my way around it, too. :smile: :+1: :thinking:

And Michael helped in post #2 here: How does one find the main page of the new forum?

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Definitely agree!:+1::100:

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It is FAST! compared to the long wait for some of the forums to load in the past.
Some of us old guys just hate change and learning new things! lol

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LOL! LOL! I can relate…:joy: :laughing:

And it looks like, after all these years, we may have a real, usable Search function.

Great, so fast and looking good forum, keep learning everyday, thanks internachi and fellow inspectors.

Heck, I can look at myself while replying :sunglasses: