InterNACHI Site Development

Hey guys,

An interesting tidbit of information: I just ran a line count on the code for the new InterNACHI site SO FAR and the total is… 19,610 lines of code and growing! Needless to say this thing is gonna be huge :slight_smile: But don’t worry, all that code runs in 0.302 seconds on my personal workstation with no code optimization. This means that on the new InterNACHI server, the system should run in well under 1/10th of a second once optimized. System performance plus a new, faster server cluster, plus our existing CDN means that the new site will be blazing fast.

While we’re working on the InterNACHI core files, will continue to point to NACHI.ORG (probably for the next 6 months at least), but I hope to have parts of the system live by mid 2008 so that you guys can start to enjoy some of the new features we’re working on.



Keeps you coming back day in a day out. If you blink at I-Nachi you are sure to miss something.

Randy, I agree, it is so hard to keep up with all that’s going on around here. All staffers, vendors, industry leaders, IT, etc all email me if they have something worthy of putting on so check there if you want to make sure you haven’t missed anything major.

Good tag line…

** InterNACHI… "Inspecting the world"**

and beyond!!!

I have as my Homepage. I use it more than Goggle!

PS. Happy Thanksgiving all…
Oh, and if your from Canada, well happy Thursday I guess. LOL

bye for now I’m going to steel a cookie if I can…