InterNACHI site is super fast....

So what does it all mean? Mine scored 68??

I got a 78!

Just to let you all know at nachi “AGAIN” this site still does not work correctly like it used to on my G3. I basically can no longer go on the forum when once before the changes ALL WAS WELL.

I am sad as it makes waiting times less fun but oh well I can wait to get to my office.

We’re faster than

Hi Michael -

Sorry about the trouble. What OS and browser are you running on that G3? Honestly, since it’s a ten-year-old computer, it will probably work with less and less websites as time goes on, unless you can keep the upgrades current. (And that will depend on what kind of hardware you’re running.) Let me know more of your specifics and I’ll do some poking around. What exact problems are you having?

Also: have you tried using the style chooser dropdown at the bottom of the forum? Some of our members have reported that when they switch to the “Minimal” style that it will work better on older computers.


Whopping 87% for me.

87 is really fast.

Brighton Ontario 94

Download HAR

Tested from Dallas, Texas, USA on August 29 at 00:05:47
Page size517.3kBLoad time384msRequests31Perf. grade94

Roy has the fastest site so far.

columbus ohio. 12 year old mac got a 94

You’re tied with Roy.

Samsung g3 phone

81 for me.

Ah, OK! I thought you meant the Mac G3, haha. I’ll look for a way to test it on that phone… What issues are you seeing?

When I click nothing lines up and some things just are not there. It used to be fully functional and worked perfectly.model number sgh-T959V firmware 2.3.6

Hope some of that helps :slight_smile:

Issues I have using Android, phone and pad, with the new 2013 beta version are:

When expanding the screen the Nachi logo at top left takes over and covers everything.

When I click a photo someone posted they’re in black and white, actually dark gray.

So I always have to switch to the minimal version.

84 for me…

Posting anything on my Samsung Notebook takes twice as long so I don’t post or comment on the run anymore.
Keeps shifting as I text.

94 Here