I just did 35,000 square foot Move In Certified commercial inspection.

It’s the easiest & best money made. Easy to sell and easy to do. And best yet, I bring in other contractors to do the inspections. All I have to do is put the reports together.

I have another 30,000 sq ft one coming up next week and I have to bid a 28,000 sq ft job and I also just did 2 churches.

Go Steel Rhino and Move in Certified!

Just got another while posting this.

I submitted a proposal for a 20,000 s.f. commercial inspection in July and received approval last night to proceed.

Good for you. Great job. Keep them coming

This does not seem to be a popular, request in my area.
Good luck for you guys:)

Churches must be the flavor of the week, I just booked one today.

It wasn’t popular in my area as well until I started to push it and advertise it. It’s great money and all business. No emotions to go along with it by the client.

How are you going about advertising these inspections guys? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You have to bombard your local market with brochures. Let your competitors rely on their emails getting through (good luck with that).

Print, print, print, and print some more: www.marketing.nachi.org

Do you really think the cost of that many brochures is worth the possible outcome? That’s the kind of thing we do with postcards and a local flyer blitz.