New Move-In-Certified marketing piece is now available.

I’ll give you $40 for 250

Sold. Keep the $40. I’ll ship them tomorrow.

Thanks Nick! Ill get all 250 out in one day and see how it goes.


Ordered! THANKS NICK :wink:

Id gladly take some if your giving them out, lol. curious how much help they are, seems like a good idea

We delivered all 250 directly to agents mailboxes. We got two listing inspections out of it. One of the agents has used me for their buyer since then. It was worth it IMO.

Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.

These look very good. We have always had our best luck with physical marketing. This is another good example. Thanks.

Me too. Everyone is big into email marketing… that’s why I’m not: works.

I am a newer member. How are the move in certified marketing pieces working? I could sure use 100 or so.

Thanks for the feedback…

I’d be happy to pass them out .

count me in !

Big InterNACHI fan here …

I would be interested in hearing any other comments about how they worked also. Want to start pushing the program more myself

Nick are you still given these out? If so we will like some thanks