I just did a home inspection radio show out of Tampa today.

It was really fun and I promoted NACHI and NACHI members to the hilt! Show just ended.

Any discussion on the current status of legislation in that state relating to home inspections?

It seems like nobody wants to talk about that anymore, for whatever reason.

Nick, you should have let us know you were going to be on a local station so we could have listened!

I recommend if there is a call in show in your area that you talk to the manager . I did and now go on at least 4 times a year .
The public loves to ask questions to an experienced Home inspector ,the station loves the extra listeners .
They push my comming for 4 weeks before I am on .
I try to get the NACHI name in through out the show,letting the public know get a trained NACHI inspector
Next one hour show 9:00 AM June 21st 800 am on the DIAL Belleville.
last time 9 call ins who got through 9 messages on my phone at home and 28 emails.
Works for me Good luck any questions Roycooke@sympatico.ca