NACHI on the radio yesterday.

Thansk Roy!

This was the best yet we had 21 people phone in with questions and I answered them all .
I even gave an answer to one I did not know last time and help from OUR great forum made me a winner .
When I got home I had 9 emails with more questions and praise from people and asking to be put on my mailing .
I did the realestate rounds and when I went into one Office an agent said I heard you on the Radio great job I loved it .
The owner Broker from this office came out and said how would you like to do a presentation at our next meeting .
You Bet I will be there with the NACHI table Cloth and a bunch of information including the New NACHI Environmental Book for all I expect about 35 there.
Later this month I will be going to the Area Realeastate Education day ( this is the second time I have done this ).
I expect there should be a couple of hundred there and again will have the NACHI table cloth showing .
Earlier this month did the area plowing Match 66 sat and listened to me talk non stop for 45 minutes and I still had more tips I could have given them .
At the end NOW!!! they all wanted to ask questions .
Went well and was asked to come back next year…
The radio guy said when they sell this call in for commercial sales they get $2,500.00 and they give it to me for free ,I sure am lucky .
Did my usual praise for our NACHI group and how they hell every body even John Q if they find us.

Roy Cooke A Very Happy NACHI Member

I forgot when I went into another office one of their better agents asked me into his office .
He is going to give every one of his listing a free home inspection .
They will hire me and I will do the inspection leave the book and also make up a short version of the inspection so they can take it home with all the pictures he will make up and now they will know how good the home is and how great it looks and what is involved to make it a better home .
They will pay me and when the home sells he will pay them.
This could be a win win .
I told on the radio how I am being black balled in one of the offices a listener sent me email says don’t worry Roy you will win the cream always rises to the top.
I guess he is correct as I do more inspections then most and charge $399.00 We have one guy charging $199.00 and gives a free wett inspection too . (Wett is for wood burning appliances in Canada )
Roy Cooke NACHI is the Greatest

Congratulations, Roy.

I suppose that the radio audience in Canada is sharper than the radio audience in the United States. I am reminded as how my parents would listen to the radio before the days of television and tune in to the number one rated radio show at that time - “The Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy Show”.

Yep, not a very sharp audience…tuning in to actually listen to a ventriloquist.

How did they know he wasn’t really moving his lips? And to think, that was the generation that won World War II…

I am from that Time and I still think the old radio mysteries where far better then TV . " Your’s truly Johnny Dollar" and “Lamond Cranston”.
My thoughts on the best book Atlas Shruged by AYN Rand
Roy Cooke

Congrats Roy. This is what I’ve been wanting to do with a couple of companies. I thought that there was probably a rule somewhere against it though. But there isn’t? That is good news! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Good for you Roy, this organization continues to grow at such an astonishing rate that it sometimes unreal but it is.

Atta boy Roy! Good on ya! Keep up the good works!

Roy Cooke - The Mike Homes of radio :).

Seriously Roy. Great Job.

One lady phone in and asked me to write a book .
Yeah one finger typing I would be dead by the time the first chapter was done .
Roy Cooke

I’ll ghost write it for you Roy. :wink:

Only one complaint;


Good job Roy. Congratulations ( And we can say " We knew you when . . ":mrgreen: )


"When the L-rd closes a door, He flushes a toilet.

  • William James Decker Sr.

Hope this helps.

Good going Roy.