Time off...

Is what I’m about to get.
In 40 mins I will board a plane to LAX, spend a couple hours there, then at 11:30pm, I’ll be getting on another flight to Melbourne Australia, to come back 10 days later :mrgreen:
If anyone wants a beer (or coffee) on me at LAX, let me me know.

Keep busy inspecting and making money my friends :smiley:

Enjoy your time there Will. Beautiful country, great people. I am hoping that this is vacation time for you. You have earned it.

Enjoy and post pictures on your return. :):D:cool:

I’m jealous… have a great time Will.

You can keep your Beer and Coffee, I just want your ticket…:shock:

Have a great time my friend.


Have a great time Will.

Au revoir :slight_smile:

Have a great time Mate and throw one on the Barbie.

Will, Just make sure you watch out for the aborigines. I hear they would like nothing better than to “throw another Will on the barbie”…:wink:

Enjoy yourself. Come back safe.

Will…Good for you, have a Great time…!

Thanks guys!
Jim: I’d give you my ticket but you’d have to give a wedding toast in French. Can you deliver :wink:
Stephen: I’ll try to stay away from the Barbie :slight_smile: and will post picks for sure!
Dale: if only I had time to stop by your place on my way back to follow you on a commercial inspection I would!
Troy: merci mon ami, on parlera à mon retour

So is my wife :shock:

I had Hailey translate for me. Sounds good :slight_smile:

Oui, Oui…:wink:


Great country to visit. I’ve been to both coasts and the Barrier Reef. Enjoy your stay.

Have fun, Will!

Have fun great place I have visited Sidney,Melbourne,Brisbaine (Gold Coast) and Perth would like to go back again

Enjoy yourself, I don’t envy you the flight though.

I’ve finally arrived and what was the first I did after lunch? Went to go see construction sites… :shock:

As far as the fight, I have actually had the most hours of sleep in a row, in the last 2 months. I had 4 hours!!! And that’s a luxury at my house right now with a 3 month old baby :smiley: