I just now bought 100 sewer scope camera systems. Who wants one at crazy bulk pricing?

Thanks for the video! The flexibility on the camera is pretty awesome, much better than what I have
now. I like that you have 140’ on the line, I’ve ran out of camera at 100’ a couple times already.

I can see the command module getting knocked around, any chance it can easily fold down out of the way?

Any videos on the use of the app? My goal is to be able to record right to my phone so I can attach the sewer cam video right to my inspection report in Spectora.

Since you’re from Feyettenam and a man in uniform did you make the frame look like an ALICE pack on purpose? :rofl:

Thanks in advance for all your answers.


No problem and thanks for the compliments! We are very happy with the flex and stiffness of the cable. Its a great combo. We also have 200 ft models available if needed. Here is a couple pics of the module folded down. It tucks away nicely. I will work on putting together a video of the app, i’ll post a link tomorrow. But you can take pics and record from your phone or tablet. As far as connectivity to your app I will have to look into that. HA! Nah, wasn’t an alice in that pic, I was strapped to a blackhawk! I take it your a vet? I’ll make an even better deal for you in that case!

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Fayette-nam…lol, not sure if many folks know where that is

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Hi Martin, we do not publish pricing to keep in agreement with all of our dealers. We would be happy to provide you any information including pricing by calling our corporate office. 209-668-5840.
Thank you

Jack Felix

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3 years ago I bought 2 cheap sewer scope machines and within 6 months they were not working and the manufacture would not honor their warranty. I now own 3 sub Tech machines and absolutely love them and never have a problem with them. I wish that I had not wasted my money on the cheaper machines.

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Welcome to our forum, Matthew!..Enjoy! :smile:

Hi Guys

This is the same camera we use. I have over 1200 scopes on one camera system without any repairs. Of course, tools only last if you treat them right. Push 9 inches at a time and keep them inside (truck / van / etc) when not in use.

Jim Krumm
IM - Inspector Mentoring and Training, LLC
Colorado’s Best Home INspections, LLC


As part of the bulk price deal with Nick, Subtech is also offering free financing to Internachi members. 3 payments over 90 days. No interest, no fees! Give us a call at the shop to get yours on the way. They wont last long!

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Shop phone - 209-531-9716

In the shop a lot, eh? LOL! :flushed: :rofl:

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