Sewer scopes in action - lets see your setup!

A few pics of our Subtech Inspector Nick in the field. Lets see your setup!
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Hi, After being a plumber for years myself and scoping many sewers, I was wondering if inspecting sewers is another good option for you to offer or is this just in emergency cases only. Second, have you tried different kinds of cameras? If so, what do you find as your favorite?

If you are asking the OP these questions, be aware that he is a Vendor of these cameras and may be a wee bit biased!!

Thanks for the info. What about your opinion? Are sewer cameras another good option for an inspection make more sales? Is the return on investment good? Sewer cameras are expensive.

I have no opinion for this service (yeah, right!).
Like everything else, it is a personal and regional thing. I believe in leaving certain services to those that are experts and related to the field of service.
In my service area (Minnesota) damned near every plumber offers the service, and there is not enough meat on the bone for me to be enticed to provide the service. Local plumbers average $150 up to 100ft.
I am content with referring the service to a licensed plumber, as they will usually be on site making repairs anyway. I don’t need to deal with that smelly crap!

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Good, I’m glad you said that! I agree. With me just starting out in the inspection business but knowing a lot about inspecting sewers as a former plumber, I really didn’t want to go that route. I don’t think it would be worthwhile here in central MO either. Thanks!

Awesome thanks for the replies. I think I am going to wait to offer sewer scopes at least until I can can get a good flow of inspections going.

Professional home inspectors don’t scope sewers… you are fooling no one.

Would you mind sharing some pictures of what the inside of the pipes look like when scoped with those Subtech Intruders? In Durango, Colorado where I live, the average price of a sewer scope inspection offered by the local plumbers is $300 dollars.

I have never been asked to perform a sewer scope. If I ever do, I will refer them to a plumber.

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