I just now bought 100 sewer scope camera systems. Who wants one at crazy bulk pricing?

I got a really good deal by buying this many. I’m passing the deal on to inspectors. If you want one, call: Jack Felix on his personal cell phone at (209) 585-5474.

They won’t last at this price.

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got a link to it?

Specs & pricing?


Please share what you have. I could be very interested or not interested at all.

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PASS! :skull_and_crossbones:

Call and he’ll confirm you are an InterNACHI member first, then give you this bulk discount I got by buying so many. Sold some already.

Price is irrelevant unless you know the quality and features.

Anyone can go on amazon and spend anywhere from $500 to $10,000 on a sewer cam.

A great deal on a top-of-the-line camera is still expensive. A great deal on a bottom-of-the-line camera is still junk.

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Yep, that’s why he wants to talk to you.

Jack says he’ll come on this thread tonight and answer any questions you have.

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Here is his website: www.subtechmfg.com

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The company named a sewer scope after me… Inspection Products | Subtech Design & Manufacturing Inc.
Nope, I don’t make a penny off any sale or any other way from this company.


Subtech “Inspector Nick” model. 140 ft, self leveling, USB recording. Normally $6695 but at a big discount thanks to Nick!

Inspector Nick sewer scope camera from Subtech at a big discount. Call for more details.

Why don’t you just publish the price here? When you buy plumbing equipment from a reputable dealer the price is always published on their website.


Because you will likely never call if you knew the going in price, and needs the opportunity to upsell!

I no longer contact Vendors from the InterNachi threads that are trying to sell to members, regardless of the supposed discount. The last vendor from this forum I contacted and wasn’t ripped off was Dominic Maricic of Home Inspector Pro back in about 2009!! He set a very high bar for all others to be judged by!

Because you aren’t paying MAP pricing. If you want to pay MAP, just go straight to the company website.

I’m about to buy the Milwaukee sewer cam but I’m open to other high quality options. Is there any chance we could get some real life use videos of this? It’s hard to spend this kind of money with a company I’ve never heard of(no offense).

How does the wifi/phone connection work? The command module looks a bit dated but that doesn’t always mean it’s bad.

I know with Milwaukee or Ridgid I can buy parts or get service.

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Welcome and welcome back to our forum, Rick and Jeff!..enjoy! :smile:

Subtech “Inspector Nick” Sewer Scope Camera demo - YouTube

Here is a video demo of the Inspector Nick camera.
WIFI is easy to use. Download an app and connect your device.
Parts and service available and unit comes with 1 year warranty.