I just shipped hundreds of door prizes to OK for next week's 1-day event. Be there!

January 16, 2015:http://ok.nachi.org/nachioklahoma/event1114.html

Oklahoma is OK.

No I would SOONER be in Okla:p:D

There will only be 5 attendees and two will be the instructors this is a ASHI State;-)

I’ve been secretly busy in Oklahoms this past year Charley. ASHI has only 10 members left in all of Oklahoma. InterNACHI now has 102 members in Oklahoma.


No I am not surprised I know after knowing you for 10 years I know how to jerk your chain and have been doing it for a year

Surprise Surprise:D;-)

LOL. You succeeded.

anyone from Tulsa going?

Where is Tulsa is it in Okla :stuck_out_tongue: Tulsa Beats to a different Drum called EMP???

What are SOONERS?

I had a inspection this morning about a mile from this meeting place so I drove by and had a look for those that are not familiar with the area Covell Rd exit from I-35 go east on Covell and turn north by the fire station and the building is in a hole to the east hard to see for the trees

faster than laters :wink:

Hi Buck

Hello Charley :wink:

Well Nick proved me wrong we had more than five show up for the first Okla Inter-nachi meeting we had over 25 attendees

Charley writes:

Awesome. I hope they gave out those 2XL InterNACHI shirts. :wink:

2XL? How do they inspect crawlspaces? :slight_smile:

That was great but one size does not fit all!!! 2XL what were you thinking???:smiley:

I plan on helping this new chapter grow not only in size but in knowledge. Just like honey attracts Bees education attracts home inspectors especially if its free or near free. With the help of Cord Werner the chapter president I hope to get a education platform implemented that will attract all Nachi members in Ok to attend chapter meetings. I am going to be calling on you and Ben for help in the education format:D

Great Charley, I’d love to come down there.

I am actually writting this post from a overhead projector and portable screen that I had from back in the day when I visited Realtor offices and put on presentations for my IR which I don’t do anymore.

I watched a couple of videos (Ron Huffman) today to check out my ability to still connect the old equipment. Going to take it to some of the remote meetings that have internet excess and use Internachi videos for training it works Greattttttt:D here at home