ICC boot Camp Phoenix 9-8-2007

I would like to thank Dale Duffy for helping us to put together this event.


Thank You Greg.

I will be contacting the interested individuals now since a date has been set.

STRONGLY encourage Arizona Inspectors to make this class. Greg is EXCELLENT!

GREAT class, well worth the cost.

Thanks for the positive comments.

Matt did you get an e-mail from Jay?

Reminder, email me anything like this.

I put on our home page at www.nachi.org in events at www.nachi.org/events.htm and at the top of www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm

Will do Nick


Matt got the email.



Hello Greg and Jay,

Thanks for the email, i’m looking forward to the progress. If I can help in any way PLEASE let me know. I hope all is well - Cheers

Inspecting new construction, and being on the same playing field as the city inspectors (but inspecting instead of sitting in the truck) gives us an advantage over the statements usually associated with “Your just a Home Inspector” from the job superintendent who generally doesn’t even have a completed high school education.

I receive numerous calls for new construction phase inspections and have been turning them down lately because I’m sick of the problems associated with doing them not being “ICC Certified”

So I intend to get all the ICC certifications possible for residential and commercial new construction inspections. There is very good money in doing them, but that trump card is needed to put an end to "He’s just a home inspector $hit…!!!

The contractor will have a new respect for you also when you are ICC certified.