I love Emails Like This

I just got this nice email from one of my students…

"Thanks John!

Got up with Xxxx tonight and got my new XXXX on order. Xxxx seems to be a great guy and such a breath of fresh air vs. talking to those money-hungry careless XXXX folks! Xxxx answered at 8pm on a Saturday night during Thanksgiving weekend. I’d have to pay XXXX an extra $500 to receive that type of service. I just canceled my XXXX XXXX order and look forward to dealing with a company that actually seems to care.

** Free wide-angle lens, free software, free shipping, no tax, and delivered price for only $7500 + I’m adding on a telephoto lens for a total of $8400. The same thing I had ordered through XXXX was going to cost me $12k.**

I know quite a few folks give you and your Infrared Certified class a hard time. The thing is though, not one of them seem to be offering the first benefit to InterNachi members.

Yeah, I’ll admit the class is kinda on the beginner side of things, but folks gotta start somewhere and I challenge anyone to find 2 full days of Infrared training for only $500 bucks, not to mention all the additional benefits that are instantly provided.

So just that you know, there are many of us like myself who do appreciate you making the connections and arrangements to provide your students with such savings and benefits.

**Thanks, **Xxxxxxx Xxark"

If anyone would like a TI32 with a free wide angle lens for less than 7,500 Tax Included if applicable with Free delivery email me directly.

Except you John, you have a good source too I see, which is great.

Nice Dale!!!

Also, a very good thermal imaging course geared toward home inspections is available to NACHI members for $500!!! The course is taught by a very knowledgeable instructor who is (gasp!!!) a level III practicing thermographer and who understands the difficulties and complexities involved with thermal imaging applications for residential inspections. Contact me for info.

How’s that for helping fellow NACHI members? :slight_smile:
It’s good to have options! :wink:

A level III at NACHI???
Ya right

The fleecing continues.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Will, that good info.
It would be great to learn from a level 3… I will check it out.