I love letters like this...

We get letters like this from every class, month after month, for over 4 years now. Thanks Bryron.

We teach about FLUKE and FLIR cameras and much more as well.

See details on InterNACHI’s offical IR class … plus camera deals

You need to write him back and recommend he get his website and truck up to speed with InterNACHI requirements. Hate to see one of your students catch hell because you spammed the internet with his info!


He just joined. Call the police.:roll:
BTW… he posted his own comments,
it is you who is trying to spam his
info all over.


You just can’t stop the lies, can you?

My bad, I thought he was a new member.

It was pointed out to me that Byron does have the InterNACHI logo and promotion on his site already.
InterNACHI is also on his brochures and business cards.

I guess you missed it. Whoops.


I missed nothing… Nachi is mentioned NOWHERE on the Home page, while ASHI is mentioned front and center. You have to dig into the site to find any mention of Nachi.

From what I can see… he does not comply with Equal Prominence!

BTW… I can see no Nachi Logo in the pic of his truck, which is marketing! I can easily see the ASHI logo though!

Look at the third logo from the top. It is InterNACHI. Read slowly.

He also has it on brochures and business cards. Can you see it yet?
File a complaint… but do you think anyone will listen? Your just grasping
for straws.

I also like this page as well.