I Need a Radon Monitor!

I’ve been checking EBAY on an off for literally 6 months. I’ve found a couple 1027’s and a couple others but it’s been slim pickings and I get beat out at the last freaking second EVERYTIME!

If all these HI’s are supposedly closing up shop than they sure as heck aren’t coming up off their Radon Monitors.

I realize I can use the canisters but I like results at the end of 48 hrs. and I like providing a service or product that my customer can’t get for $13 at Home Depot.

If anybody has a monitor their willing to part with than it would be much appreciated.

What company sells the cheapest yet accurate and reliable monitor? The bells and whistles/printers and detailed reporting capabilities would be nice but for now I’m more concerned with price. An accurate 48 hour monitor for a fair price would suffice.

I do not claim to know the rules for south of the border. My home was used in the cross Canada survey sponsored by Health Canada. The only accurate means to test for Radon is a minimum of three months by canister, then send the cannister to a lab for analysis.


I was one of the Home Inspectors to attend the Health Canada workshop a couple of years ago.
Great work shop about 35 people there about 50% where His .
I have communicated with two of the instructors since and I do not have any report back regarding what decisions have been reached .
There seems to be considerable disagreements on radon by various learned people . is it bad or not .
Interesting on your home what did the reading come back as .
I have done a few in my area and all came back very low .
I used eperbs
Bryce is correct they recommend 3 months but they also know that is impossible on a home sale .

(" Health Canada has developed standard protocols for radon testing in homes, schools and other large buildings. These protocols provide detailed instructions and guidance to radon testing companies and homeowners on how to perform a radon test. Health Canada recommends that homes be tested for a minimum of three months, ideally between October and April. The cost of radon testing is approximately $50 to $100.
As part of the National Radon Program, Health Canada will be conducting a cross Canada residential radon survey in an effort to gain a better understanding of radon concentrations in homes across Canada.




My test commenced at 10 AM on the 9th day of November 2009 and was completed at 10AM on th 4th day of April 2010.

My results were 15 Bq/m3


Sun Nuclear Radon Monitor #1027 is up for bid on eBay:


Good luck!

I know how frustrated you must feel, I went through the same ordeal a year ago. I bought a Sun Nuclear 1028 last May. It has worked great for me until three months ago. The internal battery went dead during an inspection and caused some problems with getting out the report on time. A week later it was fixed after ordering a battery from New Jersey due to its rarity. This month I started getting very high reading from the monitor, after three tests on three different home I have decided to double check each of the home with a canister type from a local lab to double check the readings. I am currently at a crossroads, do I buy a second 1028 monitor to meet the demands of my growing business or do I throw in the towel and start using canisters like everyone else. We have a Radon Mitigater here in town who has been around a long time and he doesn’t hesitate to bad mouth any one, unfortunately he has the ear of the realtors, they want clean results not hourly reading and they prefer the canisters.