I need a used zircon mt6

Lowes has lost their friggin minds and wants $139.00 for a new one.

Forget it I just got one on ebay. 33.49 to my door.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I thought I lost mine the other day and retraced whereI’d been and found it. But, did look at Lowes. They are definitely off their rocker with that price. I’d go with the Bosch GMS120 http://www.amazon.com/Bosch-GMS120-Digital-Multi-Scanner/dp/B004TACMZ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353462040&sr=8-1&keywords=bosch+gms+120 meter before I pay Lowes $139.00. After all, we don’t verify rebar in concrete any longer.


I agree so I bought and tried their $40 zircon that said the same about pipes and rebar and it SUCKED it did not work.

Yet again Dennis was right :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect that one to be reliable anyhow. I also was looking at that one in the store. But the BOSCH GSM 120 at least on paper seems to be. I’m probably going to pick one up and give it a try anyways just to see what it does. I’ve seen it as low as $44.00 online before (not Amazon though).


You must have gotten lucky, Meeker, because all I can find on ebay are for $140.

I know I was lucky that’s why I bought it NOW.

Stand by for my review.

Same here!
What is the big deal about spending less than the cost of one wind mit for a tool to perform several wind mits? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


BEING STUPId enough to lose my pouch lightru mt6 AND marker gets me pisseeeeeeeeeee.

SpEnding one more dime than i MUST HURT VRY TIME now a days.

tHATS WHY i HATE now a dayS



Then, as always, I am here to help! :mrgreen:

My MT-6 goes no further that three feet into any attic. I take all the readings at the scuttle. My flashlight goes in a holder.
Here is what I bring into the attic:
My MT-6
Clamp for yardstick
Calibrate MT-6
Find and mark nails using MT-6 and marker.
Place MT-6 and marker at attic entrance.
Clamp yardstick to truss and take pictures of inaccurate method for determining nail type and size.
Place clamp next to MT-6 and marker.
Place yardstick near MT-6 to take useless truss span measurement, with in most instances, MT-6 in picture so dimwit at insurance company knows I have one!
Find stamp on wood that tells how thick wood is. As if that really matters.
Go to roof to wall connection and take required pictures of roof to wall connection.
Continue with the rest of the attic inspection if performing a home inspection and if I happen to see a blatant code violation, err…shiner, measure that with the marked tape on my mini flashlight that shows 2 inches, and take another useless picture of same.

As I leave the attic, gather all equipment and place in the trunk well of the Durango and take inventory…MT-6, marker, clamp, yardstick, ladder, towel to catch insulation and keep things from making noise in the Durango.

I can say that the only thing I ever lost in an attic was my wedding ring and my laser thermometer, both of which I retrieved and never took in an attic again! It took over an hour to find my wedding ring, but the alternative was not going home!

Now, I take off my watch, wedding ring, and anything else I don’t want to lose in an attic. I take my camera, flashlight, and the wind mit tools mentioned above.

Happy Turkey Day!!

It just disappeared :frowning:

Not at the house or in attic then I went straight to the office. I went back and checked. Easy decked out attic. No way I missed it.

All I can figure is I placed it on the truck and drove off.

Some day maybe I will get myself something I enjoy doing and that I can make a good living at like I used to do.

It does not look promising :frowning:

In that case, all I can do is suggest you develop a system for doing these. I am sure when you did stucco work, you had a system, an order in which things had to be done. Just transfer that over to this trade.

As I have gotten older, I have adopted an ever changing philosophy which has morphed into the following, I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. I simply say no.

I had someone ask if I could do a wind mit for $75.00. No. Had someone else ask about getting involved in a lawsuit…no. I get requests daily for different things inspection related and a majority of the time, I say no. I don’t need the aggravation.

On the other hand, at yesterdays inspection, I met a nice family who had their parents staying with them because their home was destroyed by Sandy. Also turns out that the wife used to run marathons and her and their children have Celiac disease. I spent nearly an hour talking with them. My clients were out of state and the Realtor didn’t show up, so I had plenty of time.

It is encounters like that which make this job enjoyable. Every job has “downs” I choose to focus on the “ups”.

And now, on to make Thanksgiving dinner…at least my portion! :slight_smile:

Enjoy it.

Those are good words of wisdom. Will likely help most. For me I need a time machine :slight_smile:

Turkey just went in over hear stuffing and all.

Gravy creation on the stove.

Pumpkin pie for breakfast!:mrgreen:

Thats just what my little one had :slight_smile:

Me I went for fried 2 egg with black pepper sandwich on sourdough with cheese light mayo and full of bacon, yolk drizzled on bacon then rest spread on fried egg and flipped.

toasted mmmnnnnnnnnn

Wooo hooo I got it today and it works. Good Ebayer :slight_smile:

Good going Mike.


LOL…funny post. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with family Eric.


Yes, we did Bert. I hope you did as well.

Now, on to the reason the cost went up 50%.
See attached picture from Lowes today.

Yeah, it has always been there since I started buying them. They also think we have a good gig.

F-ing idiots.

LOL. They, as most retailers exploit the trends or waves in the industry.