Tools for Wind Mit

Just passed the Florida state exam and looking at what I need for wind mit. I looked at the MT6 and saw there is an MT7 for a few bucks more. Is it worth it?

I’m also looking at measuring wheels. The one they stock at Lowe’s seems a bit cheapish. Any specific recommendations? Short of that, can anyone give me an idea of what price range I need to get into to be happy. Since I’m just starting out, I only want to be happy. I don’t have to be deliriously happy.

I’ve used many ones & this is the one I’ve come to like the best.
Fit’s in my pocket ready to go.
Good luck!

Thanks for the input. Starting up has a lot of expenses. I’m not averse to spending money, but naturally I don’t want to spend more than I need.

The scanner posted is a good one. I have one.
-measuring tape
-telescoping pole (if desired) to mount your camera for those hard to reach roof to wall attachments.
-black markers I use the Milwaukee ones
-metal ruler to measure roof deck thickness
-a good camera or phone
-measuring wheel
I got everything at Home Depot except the pole and the scanner