Metalliscanner for wind mits


I have to purchase a zircon scanner. However, the recommended model (MT-6) is a bit expensive. Zircon sells a significantly less expensive model (M-40) which I would prefer to go with but I don’t want to buy something that would not be accepted with my reports.

Can anyone provide any guidance here?


What areas do you cover?

Because I have no intention of helping my competition :slight_smile:

Just joking. I am only curious.

There is nothing that states as of now what you must use. Who knows what the morons who write the next form will put on it. It may be the only one that detects up to 6" and you need that for the walls.

Good luck feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by phone or regular email.

Buy the MT-6. It works!

You should be able to pay for it in one inspection and well worth the 99.00. LOWES has them at that price.

No experience with the cheaper version. But the MT6 is looks easier to use in a tight, hot attic space. More importantly, these inspections must be accurate, defendable, and duplicated by someone coming behind you. YOU WILL BE REINSPECTED! Not a type of inspection service that you want to use a tool that may not be reliable or produce suspect results.

Hope that helps.

Yes, please set up your details to include your city!

Hi Michael -

I haven’t really figured out how to add my location yet… I’m north of Tampa in Pasco county.

I appreciate the info very much. I think I’ll try the M-40 for now and if it detects satisfactorily I’ll have saved a bit of money - If not, it’ll go back.

Also, thanks for the offer of advice - I have actually called you several months back and you were very helpful and giving of your time… Very kind.


ps. Thanks for your input Mr. Murray - appreciated.

Wow :slight_smile:

Someone finally admitted to calling me to talk or for advice :slight_smile:

I do really get a lot of phone calls and am always willing to help weather someone is my competition or not.

Here is another tip on the house. I ordered a coolmax fitted ball cap and have an energizer aim-able light that clips onto the bill of the cap. It works great for when heading into the unknown while my mag-light stays on my waist until I get into the attic. The ball cap also really helps with bumping nails and such. Before the cap I may get a small scratch or bump now hardly ever at all. Be careful and stay hydrated it is DEADLY hot up there this time of year and heat stroke is a real possibility. I am glad I helped you then and good luck in the future.

Mike, forget the mag light! You need try on of these…700Lumens. It’s like turning on a 100 watt bulb over your strap.

I just took a glance and that is a ton of lumen’s. Mine is I think 109 but it is led and the bats last a long while.

I will check all the specs on that later it sure seems great at first glance.

I do love my hat and bill light combo when I need my hands for climbing and such.

I’ve got both. The MT40 does not work for what you will need it for. Tried to buy it first to use and in newer homes it will find the nails in the trusses but in really really old pine wood, it won’t even beep at all. Just too dense. The MT40 is really only supposed to be used to find wires behind drywall or the metal nail or screwheads in drywall and maybe 1/2" sheathing. You’ll need the MT6 unfortunately.

Thank you Glenn.

MT6 is the standard. Insurance company will want to see that one in your pictures.

Perhaps one of the most asinine things ever photographed. :slight_smile:

Talk about not proving crap :roll:

If you are going to add wind mits, why would you complain about spending $100 to $150 for a piece of equipment that will pay for itself within 2 jobs if you’re pricing them correctly? Sometimes you have to spend money to make money!:wink:

I have the bosch as well and find it to be very convenient with the hole in the middle for marking the truss. I also have the MT6 but consider it to be very bulky. I used them side by side for some time in comparison and their performance is very compatible.
also the bosch comes with a nice case that is easily attached to your belt and has enough room for markers and rulers.

Get the scanner from Lowes, they are selling them for $99.97, I bought one there

Thanks all for the advice =)

I ended up buying a used mt6 on ebay for $50 after shipping (Hopefully it works).


Now thats a good deal :slight_smile:

Do not leave it in the attic.

Take the wind mit class


Get ready to write another :slight_smile: