IR Training

I’ve found where NACHI offers free online training for IR to obtain a certification. Are these courses beneficial for IR or is it best to take the live web class. If its not beneficial I don’t want to waste my time. Any suggestions.

Are you serious??? Go with a professional, world recognized provider since 1980. The home inspector course is phenomenal. Ask for the NACHI discount.

Yep. Just was needing some direction.

Start here.

You can take a course from someone who’s only certification is the one he gave himself or you can take courses from industry leaders, who also happen to be NACHI members and supporters.

You will find opinions expressed by many qualified thermographer members regarding the course provider in question here

If you browse the thermography forum you notice the marked lack of any technical advice or information being provided by the trainer in question.

Contrast that to the qualifications, endorsements provided by qualified thermographer members here along with the quality/quality of technical guidance provided by this member, who happens to be an industry leader in the field of thermography

Lets us be clear and without bias gentlemen.

Linas and Chuck, I knowledge both of you as proficient HI’s.
So which one of you have taken Johns course.
Tell me what it offers Veo as someone that has intellect please.
It was beneficial to me.

Lets be perfectly clear on the meaning beneficial genital men.
The whole realm of being a business man, what you can afford, what is need at the present.

Vio, as in all facets of education and business , the ability to market yourself is a starting point. The tools needed are weighted by many factors.
One would be, Your intended market and the basics.

One step at a time or the bottom rung and work your way up to a level of competency as you see fit.

In the short period of time I have been here I have seen to many members spending finances and educational efforts for NOUT! $20,000 and more on education AND instrumentation they will not use. Savvy!
120x120 is certifiably by all thermographic educators RIGHT. Johns course is fine for the beginner.

So yes VIO, without bias NOR confusion, the course is worth the effort.
As you grow is dependent on many factors mind you. Start off slow and see if it fits your needs. Then you can take the next step in you business plans and education.

Veo, from the responses that have been posted, you should be able to understand which ones are posted by professionals and which are amateurs.

Think about it unbiasedly. A professional is a person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks. Then there is particular social stratum that thinks biased information and negative unfounded rantings are being professional.

I care not to walk down that road again.

It still does not explain what “Veo needs” to grasp the WHOLE picture.
Does it genitalmen ?

Well so be it. I will try.

The infrared industry itself is in its infancy so to speak.
With building diagnostics being a rapidly growing industry, your economy about to steady its feet after the housing crises, you would be doing yourself an injustice by not expanding into (IR). It is about to be MARKETED even harder.
IMO Its a great time to look at this under your personal microscope. Veo, see if you need this now. Can it wait, or are you ready to progress.
call me anytime or level me your number. I can call all over for free Veo.

That being said.
Technology and education is bounding forward faster.
Technology is getting cheaper, education still stick at high levels.
Remember, the consumer is left to make their decision.
That being said.

TECHNOLOGY: An (IR) manufacturing LEADER renovated it’s old thinking process and introduced a well spring of ENTRY LEVEL models.
Please look at the wording VEO. Entry level. They admit their short comings.
What is wrong with entry level camera. NOTHING MATE. NOTHING! They are certifiable. They will see the same thing.

My camera 2 years back was a highly sought after instrument. If owned, many BRAGED or wished it was in their tool box and for MARKETING.
120x120 pixel Infrared resolution camera is a minimum standard acceptable by all educators. A minimum standard has been set.
It sold for $8,000 plus tax.

Education is up to the individual. There are several educators. All bound in science. lets make that perfectly clear.
INACHI course is entry level. I talked about entry level Veo. Nothing wrong with entry level.
It starts you off understanding thermography’s principles, home science and other relevant information. John walks you through the eyes of a home inspector using thermography during your inspection. It prepares you for the next level if and when yu are willing to commit to investing more time and money.

I have seem to many exhaust their finances chasing this pie in the sky they think will set them free and allow them to earn more money.

It can but everything takes time.

The INACHI course is INACHI certified.

In short, INACHI course will help you understand thermography as a whole and enable you to increase your financial earnings.

Need help, call me. I am a straight shouter. No pretense. It is what it is. A man looking to define a new carrier in home inspections. Willing to help any and all that ask.
Can I make mistakes, yes. But I refuse to demote others that are association brothers and sisters, the association as a whole and commit to being a better person and association brother.

NOTE: Do not back stab me or there will be a confrontation. Do not try to discredit INACHI for we are all part of this association with the weakest link needing the most help.
All the best Veo.

Veo you are new here and can easily see who is the Professional I hope.:mrgreen:

We sure can.


I don’t do IR yet but let me tell you what I have learned about IR from my activity on these boards.

  1. I don’t know crap about IR. I see IR guys say things that don’t make any sense to me.
  2. Chuck Evans and a few others have established themselves, IMO, as experts in IR.
  3. There have been questions about the qualifications to the author of the InterNACHI class. I don’t know his history or qualifications but he has clearly established himself on the boards as NOT an IR expert.
  4. Why would you pay $500 to someone who has questionable qualifications to perform IR when you can pay 1700 (1200 if you are a vet) to an organization well established in the industry.
  5. My goal is to get into IR next year. I will take the FREE NACHI class just to give me a foundation for the $1700 class.

There is no way on God’s green earth I am going to use a piece of equipment that costs a few to several thousand dollars with only FREE training from someone who has questionable qualifications.

I hope this helps.

Linas, are you saying this because Robert called you and Chuck genital men?:smiley:

I didn’t know he was a sausage lover!!!:stuck_out_tongue: He also claims to be a “straight shouter”.

It is unfortunate. Certain individuals do not see the advantage in being upfront, unbiased and express a view from the perspective of the individual asking the question.

When insults and impudent behaviour are used to defend their statement, it shows a lack of being able to express oneself and apply a logical defence to ones statements.

We all start somewhere. I see no issues with INACHI course.
If you wish to layer yourself with higher education, then so be it. I have no gripe.

Now Juan, your walking a slippery sloop I feel.
You openly acknowledged several times your lack of the basic principles of thermography. Yet go on to express you know John MaKenna’s, the (IR)teacher, credentials. Which happen to be ITC by the way.

ITC are a leader in thermography. Medical, Research and science, Building investigations and I can list several others.
John is upfront, totally explanatory, extremely smart and recites historical reaches of (IR) yesterday… through to today.
Its 16 hours. he keeps it simple, basic and ready for the student to get to work making money.
If you feel the need to explore horse hair, gases or the medical applications through the lens of a camera, so be it. I stated, there is nothing wrong with improving your education.

I walked your gait myself Juan and was push back into my chair awfully fast Juan. I wore an albatross around my neck for a year. Then again I walked is deep horse feathers. Seems I had not yet learned.
Being a business man some 15 years and walking a rougher side of the road when I was younger and having a bit of common sense, I pulled away from having my demeanor unpleasantly awakened, SAVVY MATE!

So take this as another lesson I am granting you. There will be no more…, Maybe you should apologies to John and Nick.
The C O C K strut you are doing does not look dignifying. It may come back to bit you hard.
The last I will say on the subject.

If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing. There are may ways to help.

Thanks for the input Robert.

**“Best Infrared Course **
Ever Written For
Building Inspectors,
Contractors And
**Energy Auditors” **
Nick Gromicko
InterNACHI Founder
Boulder, CO

Hundreds are now operating their IR business from taking our class.

Not one of the so called experts on the forum will put in writing what is
wrong with our IR class, even though they have been invited to do so.
Our positive feed back is running at 99%, but my students say they shun
the arrogance and contention of the forum.

**What Are The Training Courses Called Level I, II, III **
And How Does Our INFRARED CERTIFIED Training Compare?

Over 25 years ago several levels of infrared courses were set up for training individuals in various fields of thermography. None of those were developed expressly for the building inspector and contractor. InterNACHI has now filled that gap with this very intense two day thermal imaging training course, that concentrates totally on the needs of the inspection industry and methods necessary to utilize an infrared camera, with knowledge and confidence. Our certification trademark is federally registered and issued by the largest home inspection association in North America.

The word CERTIFICATION simply means a school certifies that you have attained a certain level of education or training. It does not give you legal status or make you an expert. It is legal to use an infrared camera without any certification. We do not recommend this, but it happens all the time.

Level one is the title of a class created over 25 years ago and use to be the only entry level class to learn about thermography. Now there are many entry level infrared classes. Our class, unlike Level one, deals with home inspections and buildings only. Level one does not deal much with home inspector applications. Back then they did not use the IR camera like we do now.

The reason our training cost less is because that is what we do best at InterNACHI. Our vast array of high qualityeducation courses have been accepted by various government licensing agencies for many years and we produce more education and training than the rest. That is why we are the number one provider in the home inspector industry. Our infrared certified training webinar is a LIVE course with an experienced instructor, John McKenna. He is also the Executive Director of the Master Inspector Certification Board. There are two test and a field assignment with this course. Many have said it is the best IR class they have ever seen.

The response to this post will be an attack on me and not the class itself. A few voices on the forum do not speak for the entire InterNACHI association. This is like opening a can of beans. It’s the same every time.

Here’s an infrared course approved by NACHI which is the best in the industry.
None better!!!

Hey Juan, do you have a video of that “C O C K strut”? Or maybe just a photo of you C O C K???

Are you hitting on me?

There are four stages of competence. John can get you to the first stage in thermography, as he has done for Robert.

Robert - Have you had your house checked for carbon monoxide leaks?