I never thought I'd see this..

I never thought I’d see this in real life. Do you see what I think I see??

Elmore 037a.jpg

Wow, let me guess, that was done by a professional?

Nice double taps right off the main 100 amp breaker. Do you think that breaker might trip if there was a short/problem in the smaller line…NOT:shock:
In the photo it appears that there was some scortching at one time or another as well. Was it an upgraded panel? because of the multiple splices/wire nuts…wires too short.

Quite a mess at best.

Yes, a mess indeed. This is a 100amp panel, with less than professional workmanship. I remember learning in my training course about unfused taps coming off the main feeds. I really thought that it was something that I would never see in real life.

I used to think that about Zinsco panels when I first finished my training :smiley: You’re now seeing the world through a whole new pair of eyes :wink:

Look at the brite side - its easy to write up.

my guess … it’s an upgraded 60 amp service
having been a remodeler for decades, I’ve seen this goofy work lots of times
don’t you just hate it when you just need 3 more inches of wire!

Actually Jeff, you have a point. The taps off the mains were both jumpers to other circuts. The rat’s nest of leads kept me from determining where the “jumpered” leads lead.