I recieved an e-mail from Kaplan today

It looks like there may be something to the rumor.

Home Inspection Live Classroom Offerings - Important Update
Dear Home Inspection Student
We’d like to inform you of important changes to our Home Inspection classroom courses. As of February 2009, we will be discontinuing our live class offerings. If you have not had the opportunity to take our Home Inspection Exam Prep Course, please make sure to call customer service to enroll in one of our January courses:
January Exam Prep Schedule:
Jan 17-18 Houston Main Campus
Jan 23-24 Carrollton/Plano Campus
Thank you for choosing Kaplan Professional Schools for your Home Inspection education. Best wishes for a wonderful & safe holiday season.
25341 Commercentre Dr Ste 200, Lake Forest CA 92630
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Good to hear. I was not impressed with the class in Chicago when I took it about 3 or 4 years ago. The thing that disappointed me the most were the binders we received. Many pages looked like they were copied from copies using a bad copy machine (not easy on the eyes to look at or read). Very unprofessional looking.:frowning:

When they used the words fast pace learning (or something like that), they do try to cram as much as they can in that short period of learning. The more questions asked, the further it put us behind. After a while, it felt like I could have gotten the same experience by watching him on the computer or TV.

I would give the guy teaching the class a C. I would give that class a D. Written information given during the class a C but presentation a D-. Overall grade given to the class is a D+.

I never ended up taking the IL test (IL is a pain in the *****:twisted:) so I cannot grade on the class preparing the student for the test.

I took some courses at the chicago school, Don Norman was great. I see what comes out of some of these other schools and would have strongly recommend ITA chicago in the past. It did change when kaplan bought it and Don Norman left to take a higher position.

Don is good guy.

Nick do you know if they are still doing classroom energy audit training?

find a course in your state

Call them and ask about ongoing classes. They aren’t having classroom settings anymore. It’s all online. I guess they just haven’t changed the site to reflect this. I hear a handfull of Kaplan instructors are starting their own thing though.

One less school for WA HIs to go to for licensing. Oh wait, there aren’t ANY schools to go to. We just get to sit and wait to get (DELETED)

I am looking for an Home inspection school to attend for a career in Home inspection. Kaplan, AHIT and US Careers institute were 3 that came up in my search. Could I get some recommendations to what might be the better school for the state of Kansas?

Check your messages Jody. I sent you some info in there.

Ian, i do also have 7 year experience with remodeling (framing, drywall, tile and laminate flooring, minimal electrical / plumbing but have had exposure) My family has been in construction for over 30 years. I have family that are builders, electricians, plumbers and HVAC. I would like to expand my career in the home inspection area. This is something i really enjoy doing when walking into a property. I would like to learn and become certified as a home inspector, so any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Jody M.


Thanks Nick, i guess my question should be more specific. If i take the test on here, pass and get the certificate of completion, what is next? Do i have to take a state or national exam to become a certified Home inspector or are your test on here enough? And also, do i need to get registered somewhere with that state of kansas?

You may want to read these.

My understanding is that Kansas doesn’t need certification? is that correct?? I don’t agree with that. I think we should need to be licensed like any other service providing business. I mean a builder, plumber, electrician have to be licensed to do their job. Besides, when i do become a Home inspector i want to be the best and do the best job im trained to do. That is why im looking for the best training i can get (haven’t found out yet). I just want to be the best i can be at what i do. I take pride in anything i do and want to be proud of the career im in. This is something i should have done a long time ago…

Uh oh. :shock:

Now they’ll be 5,000 views and 300 replies. :wink:

IMHO, you’re thinking in the right vein but won’t find many supporters here for licensing. They want the Cheap 'n Easy “certification” given away or bought here!!

The overall plan here is to get Newbies in the loop as easily and cheaply as possible…and there is no proctoring of online exams…and no one is “on watch” to monitor completion of all required courses and the yearly CEU’s…it’s all on the HONOR SYSTEM!! Just about anyone can be a HI through these processes!!!

Set your sights higher!!!

They don’t have any vision or sight, thats why they are Nachi members. Michael Larson is living proof of a inferior human life form!