Kansas is a pain

I moved here about 8 months ago. I checked with all the regulations that were required to be a home inspector. Then yesterday I had a phone call from somebody asking all the right questions about home inspectors. Then he drops the may I have your state registration number. I had know idea that at the first of this year they require us all to register. When I was checking into it back in April nothing was mentioned. They require some interesting things also. A test from the NAHI and such. Does our InterNACHI tests and information count for that in KS or do I have to join the NAHI.

With all due respect… where you been hiding the last six months? Do a search of the MB. There is enough about this subject to keep you busy for a long time! And more added almost daily.

The government of Kansas does not even know what is going on with their own law. Incredible!

When you have 2 jobs. A 2 year old and a new business. You do not live on the internet. I did not see anything about this up comming surprise. So with all do respect thanks for answering my question.

There is really no legal law persay. The law is just really a bill until the obvious errors are cleaned up. The Realtors and A$HI just want to make everybody believe there is an actual law. The new law does not even have enough inspectors paying dues to even support itself. All Kansas inspectors are encourage to become educated on this bill, and to contact their legislators pointing out the flaws in this bill.

With all due respect, to your ‘with all due respect’…

2 hours, once a month, would have kept you up to date. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to stay up to date on the laws that govern your business. That is one of the reasons this MB is so valuable. You do not need to moniter by yourself. The other inspectors in your state are watching also, and information flows freely.

If you have any chance of succeeding, you must make the time.

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The NAHI test will not qualify you, either. The Kansas board is partial to ASHI and wants to grandfather only those who have passed the ASHI test or the ASHI owned and operated, NHIE.

With only 8 months in Kansas, it is not likely that you will be grandfathered, anyway. You will probably have to pay someone for what they will charge for the full 80 hour course, pay to take your NHIE and then pay the state to get a license.

It would be best for you, while the mental midgets governing Kansas continue to play ping pong with an unnecessary home inspector law (while cutting health care for seniors and children due to lack of revenue), to read through all of our threads in the legislative forum regarding the Kansas home inspection law.


Where are you located in KANSAS? Have looked at this web site www.ksinspectors.org.

Kind of outdated isn’t it?

I am located in Abilene. I spent pretty much my whole life in the construction business 1 way or another. After I left Colorado as an ex plumber I took a course through Penn Foster. And trust me it was well over the 80 hours they want. However being it was all done through the internet and books I still wonder if they will allow that as “approved”. After that I became an NACHI member. I researched all of the other programs ASHI, NAHI, etc. I was not pleased with what they were or what they offer. I will do what is needed to get the job done however I hate throughing my money away, and that is what I believe will happen if I have to pay to take the same test I have already taken multiple times.

I just read and I qoute. Internet and correspondance courses are not approved at this time. WHAT THE @#$%. That means that know matter I passed all my classes at 90% or better, or the fact that I have been in this trade for 15 years in one form or another. I am screwed. Does anyone have a phone number to one of these jokers? I need to make a call.

Do a search for Kansas on this forum.

Among others…

Do any of you guys remember the the little guy that was stuff in the trash can in high school?

HE BACK… And he in in-charge at the state capital and he is piss off…:shock:

He remembers the trash can thing…



The best thing you can do is to contact your state legislatures. The bill is not law until the a cleanup bill is passed.

It is a little late to complain or yell at anyone. The law was passed and signed by the Governor. Right or wrong, if you don’t comply with it you will be in violation of the license law.

This law has been in the works for over a year, it should not be a surprise to anyone who is looking to start a business. As for your training, I would petition the board to allow what you have taken. FYI, the Penn & Foster H I program is not highly regarded in the education training world. But need to talk (not yell or be a smart ***) to the board.

Thank you all for your advice. I will take it all to heart and hope things work out for the best.

I guess now we know who’s in charge of updating it, huh?

Dan Bowers and I are both NACHI members, and have been involved with these “lawmakers” for over three years. You can check out our web sites through inspectorseek.com and contact us personally. These new laws in Kansas are complicated, and run as a dictatorship. Kansas has thier own standard of practice, code of ethics, rules, regulations all run by one person, with no legislative oversight. You should have moved to another state, IMO.

Pay no attention to Scott Patterson. He is one of the many A$HI inspectors responsible for this so called law. He bleeds NHIE blood. Contact your legislatures, not the illegal board, this is not a done deal yet.

Carl, call me!!!