I sure miss InterNACHI's staff. Most of them are on vacation this week.

Trying to run this place with so few staffers is pretty tough. I didn’t realize how much work they do and it’s only Tuesday AM. Gonna be a long week.

Welcome to the real world , Please give them a big hug from me and tell them how much they are loved … Roy

Just take your hands off the wheel. The momentum of this awesome org alone should carry you thru to next week. Then they can rescue you when they get back.

Maybe time to give them a raise $$$ when they get back. HA HA HA.
Yes Nick.
Your staff is the backbone of your work.
The amount of money that a company big or small loses indefinitely when imploy’s are absent for what ever reason is mind boggling.
Time management stats.
Just do not start talking to yourself or I will have to call in Siggy.

They are awesome!

They make you look good Nick, and that is an awesome undertaking. :p:D

I have to agree on that one!

Col. Potter: “Radar, where is that report?”

Radar: “On your desk, already signed by ya”

I know the feeling. Oh wait, my HIP guys took off a few days last week. Phew!