You guys never take a break do you!

I am amazed at the promptness of Nachi every time I do anything on here, you guys are wonderful.

I have had issues with other organizations ranging from no call backs to not answering a straight question, but this isn’t Nachi’s way, and that is why this is the organization of choice for me.

Today’s example of outstanding service, my Gerry Beaumont award. I sent Marcel an email this afternoon, which he replied to me very quickly, I mean 4 minutes quickly, saying it would go to review and I would get my award soon, I thought days, possibly a week. In an hour and 11 minutes I had my award!

This is great, talk about speed records, but come on guys, it’s new years day, aren’t you all hung over, or at least just taking a day off! Your fantastic, and Nick certainly has a team to be proud of.:mrgreen:

Even though tomorrow is a national holiday, InterNACHI’s entire staff will be back to work.

Being the sweet, benevolent older gentleman that I am, I gave the entire office staff, call center, and field representatives the entire day off Monday.

(Actually they’ve * been “off” for the past three years–I’m retired, y’know.)*

Nick you slave driver! LOL.

To avoid confusion, the Awards Committee is staffed by InterNACHI Member volunteers. We are not a part of InterNACHI Staff. We set our own ‘hours’ and level of dedication and participation. (We are not driven by a Dictator :mrgreen:).

I only mention this as InterNACHI has a few “committee’s” working mostly behind the scenes, and to the best of my knowledge, they are all “volunteer” driven. Many members are not aware of this and I thought the information should be passed along.

Thanks, Jeff, for clarifying that. The Awards Committee members are listed here:

Kathleen, you caught us on a good day but thanks for noticing.:smiley:

I have an educational question, when I am performing my mock inspections do I need to include ALL pages even though they dont apply to my inspection? Thanks.

I am not part of the committee that reviews the Mock inspection reports, but my opinion is…

Since you didn’t indicate which sections you are referring to…

Include the pages with the completed report (so they don’t think you just didn’t want to complete them) and write N/A across the sections that don’t apply so they understand why it isn’t completed.


I was aware that the committee’s are volunteers which is what makes the response time more amazing, no Nick whipping them for their pay, LOL. It is worth reminding people of this fact though, we should all be very grateful for the hard work they do.

thank you for your help. The sections I was referring to are the ones that dont apply to the house such as the septic page, well, pool/spa,. but I get your reasoning for sending in the whole thing. Thanks again for the reponse. Andy.

No problem Andy. Good luck!

Thank you Kathleen for the nice compliment, we try to do our best to serve the Members of the Association with our volunteer work.

Hope you like the Certificate and Gerry Beaumont would be proud of your accomplishment towards further education.
Inachi Rocks in continued education courses. :slight_smile: